Saturday, December 30, 2017

RIP Jukebox Jimmy

The story of the Pellicci legend that was Jukebox Jimmy is told today over at Spitalfield's Life. It also features Jim talking about some of his favourite records, and where he first heard them - in a recording he made for Paul Tunkin and myself. It's a rare insight into East London and Bethnal Green during the sixties - a perspective on the pubs, the scene and the songs of the time.

On a visit to Pellicci's in 2010, and knowing I was a music avid, Nevio Pellicci sat me on a table with Jimmy, we got chatting about soul music, became a good friends, and met generally once a week, and occasionally outside of Pellcci's at record fairs - or other cafes, when Pellicci's was closed. Apart from sharing the same birthday (16th December) - we loved the same music and would rattle on for hours about soul, rock 'n' roll, country and Blue Beat (Jim refused to call it ska) , his love of Sam Cooke, The Beatles, Elvis and how he hated TV talent shows...

Jim was a fellow record collector and avid, a great pal and gateway to an archive of lost gems and nuggets by way of CDs kindly compiled for me from his vinyl collection - sometimes left in the Pellicci pigeonhole (by the side of the till). I'd regularly spin in Jim's tips during sets at The Railway (Nappy Brown, Sugar Pie DeSanto ) or Podrophenia (Lavern Baker, Robert John). In return I supplied him with the odd Elvis bootleg and DVDs of Hoss Allen's The!!! Beat

I'd always hoped to get Jim down to Southend for a DJ set. Unfortunately this never happened - however he contributed to our Podrophenia radio show by selecting records, making some jingles for us, and phoning in to choose a track or two...

He was a legend a gent and his passing is another part of the old East End lost forever

The JBJ story can be read here...and his guide to music heard below



 A few from Jim's CD comps

Friday, December 22, 2017

Podrophenia Christmas Party

The Podrophenia Christmas special gathers together some of most talented young musicians from the Southend area: BaVard - an award winning talented trio with a combined age of 40, and the acoustic magic of Caitlin King (16). So, settle yourself by our radio fireside for a live session from both, festive puns, and some seasonal songs - including Donald Trump covering two tinsel tunes. And who are Beanie, Bobble and Slouch..

 All here and all free...




Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Podrophenia - Solo performers

Solo artists and band members who've bolted the band for a musical breakout are the theme of this Podro. We've got a world exclusive spin of the new Rollin' Machine single - Off the Clock. A track from the new Owen Williamsalbum,TWO new tunes from Blow Up records - (Usselman and The Bongolian) plus a Lennon Pop quiz.
And live with their first acoustic session - Gary Bynorth and Paul Hill from Doojip, current faves of Pete Townshend and endorsed by the Who.

DL here

Stream here

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Podrophenia The Magic Edition

The Prog Chorus - Podrophenia and SFOB with Rick Wakeman and Dylan Howe

For our brand new edition of Podrophenia we take you on a magical mystery tour of rock and pop prestidigitation: Soul, country, funk, indie, rock 'n' roll - it's all in the cauldron of our 'Magic' themed show.

We've got an appearance from Pellicci legend Juke Box Jimmy, a fourtieth anniversary track selected by Pete from Fives Records, all the news from Fives 40th birthday celebrations,

We also reveal John Medd's tip off on a Wetherspoons secret and what is Swede Face with record sleeves..

AND the world exclusive airing of The Bongolians new single I'm a Bigger Badder Bro Than Any Game Of Thrones Dig and download here..

Podrophenia Magic 


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Monday, October 2, 2017

Podrophenia salutes ten years of The Railway..

Pretty much around the same time I started this blog - The Railway in Southend opened it's doors with new owner installed Dave Dulake . It's a three storey, ex hotel - that's since gone on to become one of the most celebrated boozers in southern England - if not the entire country..

Film crews, TV broadcasters and Sunday supplement scribblers all have made their way Southend Central-wards to capture the music and magic of the venue. And Wilko Johnson is such a regular - his boat-race has ended up on the Pub's banner.

Podrophenia has been broadcasting from The Railway for four years, putting on live nights their for five, While I've been  quacking on about it since this...

So for the latest Podrophenia Piley and self celebrate 10 years of Southend's most musical and vegan foodie boozer - The Railway. There's a beautiful acoustic set from Dave Woodcock (with news on his second Blow Up album). Fi Dulake is in for a chat about the history of and future plans for the pub..

And we bring you tracks from some fave bands and gigs that have taken place over the last ten years at The Railway including a track from the due soon Steve West Weston album

Plus  a pop quiz: what is the live Wilko tune played and which artiste gets on the playlist twice in TWO diff turns

Screen test: spot the Mondo blogging bass player and Fi Dulake on drums...

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Double whammy wallop - Howling Black Soul and Lo Chief *live* this Saturday in Southend

This Saturday - a roomful of loud sound as Lo Chief and Howling Black Soul ramp up the amps. Come on down for drums and decibels at The Railway Hotel Southend... Dates and details here abouts

Friday, September 8, 2017

Podrophenia - Yacht Rock Special

For the latest Podrophenia, a Yacht Rock spesh, we pipe aboard Steven Hastings to adjudicate 'Sink or Swim' for the tunes, which, collect together Classic Yacht, Punk Yacht, Nu Yacht.

There's a run of boat puns and musical picks from Pope-a-pedia. And an impossible pop quiz - All here for your listening ears....


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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Podrophenia Goes Plus Size

Podpals: we're not boasting when we say this is the biggest Podrophenia ever.. Piley and Mondo bring you Jordan and Kyiah from Big Jacket live in the studio, who also pick some cherished tunes. A live Jingle from Phil Hubbs, an extended run of big songs, long songs and tall tunes as well school and size puns... All here for your listening ears...


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Podrophenia Art and Cultcha

The Art Podrophenia is up for download and features two special guests - video director and photographer Carl Hawkins - chatting about his work and spinning some top tuneage.

And artist and guitarist Jack Browning endorsed by Wilko, Russell Brand and Ace Frehley Brush up on samples of their work above and download a freebie DL of Podro which comes loaded with a Bowie cover, a Steve Hooker newbie and pallete-loads more


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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Podrophenia Acoustical Special

The latest Podrophenia is an acoustical special with Whom by Fire live and special guest Micky D, frontman with Grand Reunion (Lee brilleaux''s favourite Southend band) and entertainment correspondent for the Southend Standard through the sixties,. Micky joins us with tales of from his spell on the paper - meeting The Beatles and Stones at the Southend Odeon. a frisky and flirty meeting with Shirley Bassey at The Queens Hotel.

We spin in a playlist of acoustic tunes including: an early versh of Maggie May with Rod busking random lyrics, two acoustic pop quizzes, a Bowie Ziggy demo and acoustic Chas and Dave. All here for your listening ears...