Friday, November 20, 2020

Podrophenia Lockdown Listens..

The latest Podrophenia is up for download. where Piley, self and Lord Hastings spin in a playlist of lockdown listens: from Peaches to Public Service Broadcasting, newbie tunes from Bob Dylan and The Damned, Southern soul from Elvis and The Everlys. And two quizzes Nut or No Nut and Rotten Film Songs. Dig in and DL below

Podrophenia Lockdown Listens..

And behold a play of the new single from m'self and Mrs Mond' (Buskr - Back in this Place out 4th December Hottwerk) as heard on Janice Long last week ...

Monday, October 26, 2020

Podrophenia: Every Record Tells More Stories...

He's back - and he's brought his new book with him.

Steve Carr makes his third appearance in the pod (second of 2020 in fact), choosing tunes, relating R 'n' R tales and supplying handy tips for the vinyl buyer (wood glue and toothpicks anyone?) taken from the freshly pressed volume - Every Record Tells a Story 

Musically we bring you the original version of Superstition (and it's *not* Stevie) Cher regrooving Dr John, the Isley's refunking Stephen Stills, and a rocking new tune from ex Tubeway Army Sean Burke Plus a bonus quiz - Blue or False. Is it a real Blue Oyster Cult title or Fake Blues

Dig in and DL here - or where ever you get your podcasts

Friday, September 25, 2020

Podrophenia - Essex special with Dave Alexander of Eight Rounds Rapid


 All aboard as Podrophenia takes a ramble around the musical routes of Essex: from Harlow to Colchester and Romford to Southend. Joining us is Dave Alexander of the mighty Eight Rounds Rapid - delivering info and tracks from 8RR's new album Love Your Work. Then later taking over on the SFOB stereo and picking plays by fave acts and artists...

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Podrophenia presents PODSTOCK

As we're unable to get to gigs, live nights or festivals in these strange days - let Podrophenia bring the the music to you - with a festival celebrating the best live albums, rare sessions and possibly concert recordings of indeterminate orgin ..

Including the Faces doing Flanagan and Allan 

DL here


Sunday, August 2, 2020

Podrophenia 165 - The Letter Y with Chris Constantinou

Podrophenia the letter Y - is up for download: Chris Constantinou joins us covering his career from playing Live Aid with Adam Ant and Top of the Pops goss' - to The Mutants, The Wolfmen and his new 1000 Motels project with Rat Scabies, plus new Clash covers with @itsrudegrl 

From the Podro playlist Lord Hastings, Piley and m'self spin in tracks including funky reggae, Toussaint's buried treasure and a non-skippable Yoko track also the only Roxy Music track written by their drummer. Dig in and download


Friday, July 17, 2020

Buskr Beats - Milk Wood: Dylanesque lo-fi hip-hop from my upcoming album....

During these strange days, I've been busying about making a lo-fi hip-hop album (of all the things) - several tracks are still being tweaked and tinkered with - but a handful are ready to ship out and share...

If hip hop instrumentals, lo-fi beats or night vibes and suchlike are your sorta scene, I'd be infinitely grateful if you'd lend a listening ear below, to the first tune I've upped since ye ancient days of Myspace

The track is inspired by the ghostly opening notes and tones of Stan Tracey's Starless and Bible Black (of all the things) from a jazz tribute to Under Milk Wood. A piece I was introduced to through David Hepworth's Essential classics - during a trip to the Welsh borders in 2017. Tracey's stately chords have been haunting me since first listen -  the only way to shake them off was to create something of a similar riff.

Quinn Martin style Epilogue: through the digital rummage sale that is eBay I managed to bag a repress of Stan Tracey's album for a third of the going market rate due to a misspelling  - 'Stan Tracy' having blind-eyed if from the usual searches

Salutes due to Wilko Wilkinson for the use of his artwork of amazingness

Friday, July 3, 2020

Podrophenia 11th Anniversary - Power Popping

Celebrating Podrophenia's 11th anniversary Piley, Steven Hastings and Mondo bring you a cake baked entirely from unrelenting power-pop classics. 15 slices of angst-free (© Lord Hastings) uplifting/downstroking smokers.

There's a musical quiz - Popomatic or Diplomatic (is the name either a muso or a ministerial bod)..

And behold as Gary Mills of Vix20 beams in to choose some tunes and give us a fantastical acoustical session.. Dig in and download here... 



or via itunes 

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Podrophenia Live and Unlocked

Podrophenia back in action tonight, with the power trio of Piley, Lord Steven Hastings and m'self - we gather together from our collective cloudbases for a socially distanced run through of tunes, chat, news stories and triv'. 

ho are the IAI Association? Why was Danny Kirwin sacked from Fleetwood Mac, do The Monkees retain their Monkee Magic five decades on? Alongside these conundrums we'll be spinning in newbies from Sparks and buried treasure from Jimmy Winston and Brian Auger ...

DL or via iTunes 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Soundr Hour - Out of Town

Acousticus Maximus is the theme of our latest outing as we take a bank holiday trip to the wolds and wild places. where salty rockers switch heavy electrics for mellow tones and tunings, nestled in green nowhere for a campfire session - and a rock 'n' roll ramble around footpaths, falls and fells Dig in for unplugged outings from Led Zep, Free, Humble Pie, Ronnie Lane, Ronnie Wood with rarities, out takes and home demos from John Lennon, John Martyn and more

If you're wondering what the bed is 'neath the natter - behold..

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Soundr Hour - Yacht 2 Trot

The Soundr Hour - Yacht 2 Trot: wherein we take a second cruise around the smooth lagoons of Yacht Rock - from Rupert Holmes (not *that* track) to Robert Palmer, from Pablo Cruise to Captain and Tennille (not *that* track) - from obscure Dutch B-sides to Stevie Wonder's studio boffin with a scattering of 'surprisingly yacht' finds along the way. Pipe yourself aboard below shipmates

Couple of the treats contained within