Friday, March 13, 2020

Podrophenia - Rock 'n' Roll Babylon with Habour's Bazaar

Brace yourselves as the Podrophenia/Harbour Bazaar team up takes a road-trip through the trippy periphery and fractured fringes of Rock 'n' Roll: Ian Pile Ian Pope Steven Hastings and m'self relay tales of shocky horrors ( murder, mystery deaths, drug casualties) from Jerry Lee, Skip Spence and Peter Green, the Beach Boys, The Beatles and Joy Division and rogues gallery of others...

Bringing light to our shade, we're joined by special guests Kev Daintree Ray Morgan , Jo Overfield and Rob Glazebrook with a bulging diary of events and festivals...




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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Think Tank: DJ Paula Frost's new single Oxygen Tank

International DJ, radio presenter and reviews editor at Vive Le Rock and Louder Than War -
DJ Paula Frost, drops in to give us the lowdown on her explosive new single Oxygen Tank out on the 20th March......

Hey Paula - how would you introduce yourself to the PM blog readers?

I’d say I’m a DJ from London who used to play drums in bands. I’m also the reviews editor of Vive Le Rock and Louder Than War Magazines. I’ve been DJing for three years now and I have been on a world tour playing in 14 countries including New Zealand, Croatia, Russia and Japan. Right now I’m about to drop my debut single ‘Oxygen Tank’ on 20th March so pre-order here!

Did your parents records or music you grew up on have influence on you?

Yes definitely. My parents are music lovers but not musicians. My mum got me into reggae and indie like Bob Marley and The Cure. My dad got me into punk like Killing Joke, The Clash and Crass. I asked for a harmonica when I was about 4, a guitar age 6 and a drum set age 7. But I had to show I was serious by practicing every day on pots and pans and taking lessons at school until they got me the drum kit! There’s a musical bone in my family, my uncle is a great guitarist and my Irish grandma was a fantastic piano player. Both self taught.

What inspired you to start Doing and was there a lightbulb moment? 

I was working as a radio show producer on Kane FM and all my friends were DJs. When my band split up and I wasn’t drumming anymore, the DJs encouraged me to get my own radio show and start learning the craft. I was interviewing at first and just playing records one after the other. Then I started to pick up the techniques and get serious. Now I’ve played all over the world and had loads of amazing shows so I decided to start writing my own music.

What was your first gig?

 My first show was actually a really great ‘I was there’ gig because it was the first ever Art’s Cool in Margate held at a pub on the seafront which is now part of Dreamland. I DJed old school tunes like The Clash and The Jam and people loved it. Then a new band played called SLAVES. They are major label big shots now signed to Virgin Records. Art’s Cool has now become a club called Elsewhere. So I consider that gig as a very good starting point of inspiration because everyone there has gone on to great things.

Is there a country where you especially connected with the audience?

I have played a lot of shows in a lot of different countries over the years so I’ve picked up a lot of new music and I feel that I can connect with audiences wherever I go. Its about doing your research and putting your own stamp on it. People abroad want to hear the kooky British records they’ve never heard before so it’s a bit easier! I definitely connected with audiences in Russia and I find European audiences absolutely brilliant. But shows in England are always wild too. We like to let go at the weekend! I’ve had a guy come up to me after a show and say “Tonight was special. I haven’t connected with my wife like that in years.” Moments like that are amazing to think you’ve got these people on the dance floor who are in their late 30s and have been working really hard to raise their family and you’ve just given them a night to really let go any enjoy each other’s company completely. That’s beautiful!

You’ve gigged globally - do you have many places left on your checklist?

I do have a lot of countries left on my checklist! It’s endless really. I’d love to spend the rest of my life playing shows all over the world. An American tour, Mexico, China, more countries in Europe and all the incredible festivals that pop up each year. You can never say you’ve done it all. There’s always a way to raise the bar! Do you see crossover between the energy of punk and electro/drum n bass? The crossover is that its rebel music. It’s party music and its youthful. I love big gatherings of likeminded people, they are so powerful. Peace is the most powerful tool we have and music seamlessly brings us together.

Have you got any tips for aspiring DJs?

I get asked this fairly often and I’d say it helps to build up a collection of the very best music from each decade and genre. Like I have a disco and funk playlist up my sleeve as well as a punk ’77 playlist. You never know. Also just be a decent, humble person and be tolerant of others. I don’t like diva DJs who need this and that and demand creature comforts. As long as I have food in my tummy and bottled water on stage I can’t ask for much more so lets rave :D

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Podrophenia We heart rock 'n' roll:

We heart rock 'n' roll: buckle up Pod-bods as Matthew Boulter, Mark Lancaster and m'self head out on the highway for a road trip through all territories of R.O.C.K..

From Nu-Metal to Neil Young, from Mogwai to Masters of Reality and from Sabbath with Rick Wakeman to Whitesnake tipping their mighty mullets to Motown. We also bring you Metallic classics rendered to digitized 8 bit and your birthstone/zodiac band names…

Mercury Monkey 
Bloodstone Horse 
Azurite Rabbit 
The Ruby Snake 
Ruby Rooster 
Irön Rät,

Plus thanks to Matt Boulter's excavation expertize we find hidden treasures stashed within a Whitesnake sleeve..

 Download and crank up here


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Monday, January 20, 2020

Podrophenia Every Record Tells a Story volume 2

The January Podrophenia is up for download with Piley, Popeapedia and Steve Carr of the always excellent Every Record Tells a Story  website - and m'self wherein we cover R 'n' R tales, truths, myths and fibs with a playlist ranging from Harry Nilsson to Son House, The Kinks to Cass Elliott - and lesser known originals made famous by The Carpenters, Elvis, Madonna and Manfred Mann

And we've a bonus guest spot from Kelly Ann Buckley gathering together news of the Wild Almanac Collective



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Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Podrophenic Advent Calendar

The Podrophenic Advent Calendar from Piley, self and Popeapedia and is eady for unwrapping

Loaded with a selection box of pop quizzes, bad present tales, panto antics, the story of one of the rarest annuals ever (Willy the Kid 3), plus Christmas hits in 8 bits - and a fantasticus live set from Kate West.. Grab it, bag it and DL it here....

Podrophenia Advent Calendar



Monday, November 18, 2019

Podrophenia - Lucky Dip / Vinyl Special

In what's possibly our most eclectic selection we do lucky dips into the Podrophonic crates.. plucking and playing all vinyl finds Tom Robinson to Tom Jones, the Fall Guy to Nola Funk, disco reggae to The Damned and Superhero rappers to Substitutes

Dial D for Podro and dip 'a' disc below

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Podrophenia - the letter X

X marks the spot Pod Pals as we run out a playlist of x related bands/songs and X film related chat with a live session from Millsy of power-pop rockers Vix 20

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Podrophenia Disco Especial

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, text

While Piley's away on his American trips and travels, and Popeadpedia is bed-ridden with the Disco Fever. Mixmaster Marmite assists on the decks while we strut our funky stuffs for a disco spectacular....

Nu-disco, vintage hits, forgotten floor-fillers, influencers and samplers - it's all here

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Podrophenia No Theme with Rob Glazebrook and Pete Zear

There was so much to load into this month's Podrophenia - rock, roll, punk, blues, dodgy disco and perfect pop we didn't even have the space to squeeze in a theme....

Rob Glazebrook gives us the news on his R 'n' R festival taking place at The Railway in September - spins in a freshly pressed Broadkasters single - and DJs some crackers from his own record collection

Kev Daintree and Pete Zear swing in to give us the info and spin in Pete's '79 single Tomorrow's World (featuring The Ruts on rhythm section, Alf and Susan Ryder Paget on backing vox) produced by Rat Scabies - which has now been rerecord by tranarchist glam-punks T Bitch

Not-so-Tiny Piley brings us up to speed with his summer travels, train tips and takes over the decks for a couple of recommended records Ian Piley and I pitch in with a disco refit of Pink Floyd, and a cut from the new David Woodcock album Fill up your listening lugs below


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Monday, August 5, 2019

Podrophenia - Vinyl Finds and Lucky Dips

July's Podrophenia is a broadcast of two halves. In act 1 Mondo plays all new (to him) vinyl finds, while special guest Luke Mersey is laying down some digital goodies.

Then it's half time change ends while Luke gets to double decking, and Mond' presses playon the laptop.

And there's a niche don't judge a song by it's sleeve. Mayfair Train of Love in this case... ..

Style-wise it's a giddy mix of yacht rock, funky covers, nu-disco, nu-blues, urban grooves, NY Punk revisited and protest funk.. 

Dig in here to DL


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