Friday, June 19, 2015

Radio Podrophenia 99 - The Ice Cream edition

Fill your boots with scoops and tunes by way of the latest Podrophenia.

Where else will you find James Last doing the Small Faces, Harry Nilsson doing Popeye, the Banana Splits getting on the good-foot and an appearance from Larry Grogan of the Funky 16 Corners soul site

It's all yours and it's all free. Dig in and dig it

Podrophenia - Ice Cream

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Podrophenia 99: Ice Cream is the scene

Our 99th Podrophenia live tonight on SFOB has a theme of 'ice cream': 12 flavours of mashups, funk, soul and psych - with a special guest Larry Grogan from Funky 16 Corners joining us from New Jersey for a lowdown on this Banana Splits twister.

We're also after any ice cream theme songs/bands/albums: Cherry Lee Lewis/Flaking Stevens/ Arctic roll monkeys/Mivvi Ripperton/Blind Lemon Sorbet/ Screwball Wizard/Another brick in the walls 

Tune in 8PM

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Vive Le Rock - Q's Next and The Payoll Union...

Buckle up rockers and rollers - Issue 27 of the UK's boomiest music mag Vive Le Rock  has just hist the shelves. Featuring, The Who at 50, Brian James on his new band and life after The Damned, gig, new music and reissue reviews - including a a critical ear from me on Suzi Quatro's Greatest Hits...

One review that didn't make ish 27, is The Payroll Union's new album.. but nothing goes  to waste so dig in and taste test below...

Paris in America - The Payroll Union 

Philadelphia freedom. Virtue, liberty and independence - from South Yorkshire! 

From ‘Sgt. Pepper’ to SHAM’s ‘That’s Life’ to Beck’s Grammy winning ‘Morning Phase’ – the appeal of the concept album is format that’s never faded – certainly not for frowny-browed song-scribblers . Although Payroll Union take an unusual spin on the medium of story-arcs-expressed-through-music, aligning themselves more with Jeff Wayne’s ‘War of the Worlds’ than your usual long-form haul.

An album produced in collaboration with University of Sheffield, where folk ‘n’ roll meets battle re-enactment. ‘Paris in America’ takes as its source – ‘a narrative of Philadelphia in the 1840s and '50s, based on the antebellum with its tales of violence and conflict’, for an authentically academic take covering a specific time-slice of American history (with annotated sleeve notes), which could act as a metaphor for today’s current political climate.

Sonically it’s a Philadelphia experiment shifting between shades of Handsome Family meet Fleet foxes and Divine Comedy communing with Arcade Fire

Monday, May 18, 2015

Radio Podrophenia - the Letter W

Podbods: your recommended listening.for the month of May - Podrophenia with David Woodcock live in session, gliding through a set of rare, unreleased, and freshly pressed songs.

Dave even commandeered Piley, George and myself for a cover of a TV theme. There’s shouts for Flexipop, Thee Cee Cees (7” now available at Fives Records, Leigh ), salty gig tales from Steve Mills, John Devlin – and a run on nearly famous names.

Dig in and dig it....

MP3 Radio Podrophenia W


or via iTunes

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Podrophenia presents: Andy Lewis (Weller) , Adam Devlin (Bluetones), Steve 'Smiley' Barnard (Strummer) Billy Brentford ( Thee Faction) and Chris T-T - live tomorrow

If you're a fan of Joe Strummer/Paul Weller/From The Jam/ The Alarm/The Bluetones/Hoodrats Thee Faction - behold as Thee Cee Cees, a collective polling players from all of the previous, parks up at The Railway tomorrow  to officially launch their strictly limited 7" 'Have An Analysis' on Podrophenia Records.

Support comes from The Ends and Stern John, with Andy Lewis DJing til chucking out time, A bumper bundle all for free Southenders and out of towners

But, book early as for the last Podrophenia event the The Railway doors  had to be locked as we'd reached max capacity by ten pm.

So, could you click here if you're coming on Friday - so we know how many to expect .. salut..

Monday, April 20, 2015

Radio Podrophenia - veggie special, with special guest Billy Brentford...

Behold the first reveal of the third single on Podrophenia Records. The Cee Cees - Have An Analysis/Solution Songs..A limited edition of just 200..

Tune in to the latest Podrophenia for a spin of both sides of the single - book-ending a full tilt interview with Cee Cee singer Billy Brentford - who furnishes us with the album and single info, details on The Cee Cees Southend gig (book here) - and splains How Andrew Ridgeley invented Post Modernism

Fitted around Billy's blitzkreig spot - we dig up twelve of the tastiest vegetable based tunes. A medley of potatoes, peppers, peas, truffles, onions, beans,

Load up here with your listening ears.... or via iTunes..

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Podrophenia: live radio tonight. Live in-store for RSD on Saturday …

It’s a double whammy of Podrophonic what-not over the next couple of days...

Tonight: Piley and I bring you the April edition of Radio Podrophenia, with this month’s theme being ‘Veggie’ bringing together a buffet of funk, mod, pop and a special track chosen by our pals from the Funk Pen....

And behold our special guest joining us to chat, singles, LPs and upcoming gigs..Billy Brentford of The Cee Cees..whose, album Solution Songs is out today..

Tune in and get your five a day hit in one funky bundle... at Radio  SFOB - 8PM

Or chip in with the chatabouts, hereabouts... Chatwing

Saturday: Team Podrophenia will be installed at Fives Records for the 12 – 1 slot at the Record Store Day event, held at Fives, Leigh Broadway. It’s a full day celebrating vinyl - with DJ sessions from the Middle Age Spread boys, Polyvinyl Craftsman and Camel Walk massives - along with live music from Phil Burdett, Tuppenny Bunters and the Glass Brides….

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thee Cee Cees: The Revolution starts here – at 45 rpm

Behold rockers, rollers and revolutionaries as we bring you the next single released on the Podrophenia record label.. a sizzling seven inch slab of socialist stomping pop that'a had  meeja movers 'n' shakers describing it thus...

DANNY BAKER “enough invention and energy to power three-quarters of Europe

 ZOE HOWE  “swaggering, sexy, hard-boiled rock ‘n’ roll with a conscience and a point to make

 Vive Le Rock magazine  "9/10"

But who are Thee Cee Cees: a heavy-hitting line-up of punk ‘n’ Britpop rockers, fuelled by the spirit of industrial strength Thames Delta rockers and Oil City Rollers..

Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard on drums (Strummer/Foxton/Archive/The Alarm)

Adam Devlin (The Bluetones’s) - guitar

Billy Brentford (Thee Faction) on rhythm & polemic

Andy Lewis (Paul Weller/Spearmint/Drugstore) bass & memotron

Chris T-T (Xtra Mile recording artiste & D.I.Y. music expert ) vocals

Kerry Schultz & Darren Hayman on other vocals

Buckle up and behold side A below

Dates and details, of wheres and whens will be with you shortly. And the first Podrophnonic airing of side 2 is due soon/  Salut

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You Write the Hits (they Write the Headlines) - and the Podrophenia Beardcast..


 The best window display story since that Henry the Hoover nativity scene..Southend's noisest boys The Ends send Leigh sliding down the table of 'family friendly' towns....

A piece of Leigh history was created on the 7th March, when The Ends instore at Fives Record was so boisterous and booming that some ol' crosspatch got on the grinch-line, complaining to the council about the noise - and that there were actual people dancing in the streets of Leigh. The council in turn, had to phone our favourite indie record shop to officially wag a civic finger..Fives first complaint in 37 years... So Leighsiders, seasiders and Southenders. If you were there on the day - hoist your high your hats and take pride in being part of this momentous event. If you weren't - show your support for those tarred with the rowdy brush, by buying You Write the Hits (I Write the B Sides) single from Fives....

Should you fancy more Canvey action, your recommend listening is the current Podrophenia - all beard bands on the playlist, listener beard bands and song suggestions. And for balance Mandy and Michelle of The Beard Police join us to say 'No one likes your beard'

There’s chat and tunes from Double Headed Jester, and lend an ear to the single from Thee Cee Cees – ‘Have an Analysis’ due-soon on Podrophenia Records.  James from The Ends gives advice to Southend’s newest rockers The Scores (featuring mini Mondo) on their post gig match report..

Download here, stream below or via itunes

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Podrophenia - the Beardophenia special...

Tonight's edition of Podrophenia is themed around the riff of beards and general hirsutery.

Beard bands will be on the playlist from all genres: rock, funk, country.
Beard-band puns will be on the roll-out: Pete Sideburns, David Soulpatch, Johnny Tache

For balance we have Mandy Casley chief of the Beard Police coming in with the pitch

The Beard Police are fed up with looking at fellas with a face full of fuzz. Let's change that. Get your razors out and show us your faces!

And standby for action as we announce the release of the third single on the Podrophenia label, by a band with an all star line-up, and a one off gig in Southend

There's a fruity new feature as a pals from The Funk Pen select a fatbacked tune for this month's theme (see below)

Also in for chat and natters are Canvey's newest rockers Double Headed Jester.

We go live at 8pm on Ship Full of Bombs - and feel free to chip in with chat via Chatwing