Monday, August 5, 2019

Podrophenia - Vinyl Finds and Lucky Dips

July's Podrophenia is a broadcast of two halves. In act 1 Mondo plays all new (to him) vinyl finds, while special guest Luke Mersey is laying down some digital goodies.

Then it's half time change ends while Luke gets to double decking, and Mond' presses playon the laptop.

And there's a niche don't judge a song by it's sleeve. Mayfair Train of Love in this case... ..

Style-wise it's a giddy mix of yacht rock, funky covers, nu-disco, nu-blues, urban grooves, NY Punk revisited and protest funk.. 

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Monday, July 8, 2019

News at Ten - Years of Podrophenia

Celebrating an entire decade of Podrophenia (the UK'S longest running podcast) Piley, Popeapedia and self gathered together with a glowing gang of pals for our 10th birthday special...

T Bitches Kev Daintree and Stevie Steevs bring us new and tunes from the TBHQ..

Ross McGrane gives us the info on the Southend comedy Festival and the dos and don'ts of stand up Phil and Angela Hubbard MC the event with live jingles

And, there's a fantasticus live set from David Woodcock with Kev, Stevie and Martin Cutmore on BVs...

We've also got a pop quiz and a cameo from Barry Cain on how Flexipop, bananas and dead bodies put Dave Gahan on the road to ruin Grab your slice of our Podrophonic birthday cake hereabouts
Grab your slice of our Podrophonic birthday cake hereabouts
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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Podrophenia - Charidee

Bag a bargain - the latest Podrophenia is up for download.

 A charity shop special - loaded with upcycled songs: a medley that hops from Georgie Fame to Led Zep, Anthony Newley's version of Goldfinger, the funkiest fizzy-pop song ever, Mud getting on the good foot (rather than the Tiger Foot) and a track from the fifth most expensive record sold on Discogs (value is no indicator of quality)... All here and all free..



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Monday, May 13, 2019

Soundr: Bankr Holiday special.. 25th May

For just over a year now. I've been running a bi-monthly night of disco doings - Soundr.

Wherein we spin in tracks and tunes from Daft Punk to Dolly Parton, Tom Jones to Grace Jones and Cher to Chic.. The next run-out is 25th May - at Soundr HQ or Peggy Sue's to give it it's official title..

Should you fancy sampling the vibe of the night - dig in to Snaps 'n' claps a freshly pressed mix swishy disco and deep cut remixes..

Event deets and dates are hereabouts..

Friday, May 10, 2019

Podrophenia Numbers

May's Podrophenia is a numbers game, were we run out acts, tracks, and tunes with a numeric motif.. ranging from one to millions..

There's two pop quizzes. Can you guess the value of putting on bands for a 1969 university gig?
 And which songs are now more famous than the films they're taken from.. All here and all free...

Podrophenia Numbers

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Podrophenia Hits 150 with a Blow Up Special

Buckle up Pod-pals as we bring you a fully loaded 150th edition of Podrophenia.. We've a trio of exclusives (David Woodcock Leo Leo and Steve Hooker). Special guests Joe and James Michael Clarke from Stackfest Central about the due soon gig And Paul Tunkin from Blow Up, bringing us the background on tracks from the label's catalogue..and the Blow Up Easter Special at The Railway 20th April..

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Friday, February 15, 2019

Podrophenia Love and Pride

Podrophenia the Love and Pride edition is up for download with  special guest Dan Turpin talking Southend Pride - plus we've a playlist of Kings, Queens, Sisters, Cells and Phoenemenal Women.

And Piley brings us a book of bizarre love stories

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Podrophenia double whammy download - Best of 2018 and....

The latest Podrophenia is up for download wherein we run through our our fave finds of 2018.. Leo C is live in session AND closes out the show with a Hip Hop primer for newbies - picking, playing and splaining which tracks and acts to check out..

There's two pop quizzes: Top Forty/Faulty how many of the best selling singles or artists from last year do you know?

And Bird or Band? - can you tell which is which...

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Additionally there's our advent edition from December (free of Christmas songs) with Jay Laker live,  which includes my vinyl finds of the year, while Piley does lucky dip on from his record crates..

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Podrophenia - Every Record Tells a Story

A towering edition of Podrophenia is ready for your listening lugs.. Ian Pile, Ian Pope and m'self bring you A gypsy/jazz masterclass live in the studio from Levent Basharan and Taylor Higgs

Steve Carr from Every Record Tells a Story with little known tales about ace tunes: Nick Drake, Elton, Dylan

Owen Williams spinning in both sides of his new single..

A Stan Lee tribute with a little know Marvel connection to a mahoozive R.O.C.K band

Puns and a gig guide - s'all here .......



Thursday, November 1, 2018

Podrophenia - America

America is the theme of our latest Podrophenia as guest's Gary Bynorth and Paul Hill of Doojip are in for a live session and world debut spin of their new single 'Would I Lie To You' (and it's B side).. We've got Halloween puns, a pop quiz - an exclusive reveal on a lost sixties Southend garage tune AND - play of the new BaVard single..... Dig in and download.....



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