Sunday, September 10, 2023

Podrophenia - The Return of Podstock

Podstock the fantasty festival is up for DL - and worra line-up. Piley, Mondo and Lord Hastings choosing from Chuck Berry, Bowie, Elvis Presley, Iggy Pop and The Ramones all live, live, live! 

 Keep 'em peeled for our gig quiz, an audience that refuse to leave - and who was Bowie's forgotten guitar star? 

 There's a world exclusive spin of Howling Black Soul - The Memory of You, and new music from Cosmetique - on Blow Up Records DL and dig in here


Monday, July 3, 2023

Celebrating 14 years of Podrophenia - with Stern John live

Celebrating 14 years of Podrophenia - Stern John join Ian Pile Steven Hastings and m'self - live for a hypnotic folk-punk session, then later choosing a few fave tunes. We've got a Johnny Spotting competition, how many can you bag from the mystery 8 bit tracks. And a playlist that runs from Lady GaGa to Leo Sayer and the Sex Pistols to Suzi Quatro. Podrophonic titfer-lifts to everyone who's guested, performed, produced, listened, downloaded or chipped in since 2009

DL Here 



Gorilla Guerilla – Mantra Of The Cosmos
Just Moved In – Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
Black Leather – Sex Pistols
Back To The Drive – Suzie Quatro
Kick In The Teeth – Dream Wife
Our Hearts Don’t Go That Way – 79.5
Ode To Sad Disco – Mark Lanegan
It’s Over – Leo Sayer
Stupid Love – Lady Gaga
Rocky Road To Dublin – The Dubliners
Supa Scupa & The Mighty Scoop – Kyuus
Gun – Gil Scott Heron
Captain Beaky – Keith Mitchell
Who Know Where The Time Goes – Fairport Convention
Beasley Street – John Cooper Clarke
Brothers In Arms – Dire Straits

Podrophenia with guest David Woodcock

Eleven years (and three albums) on from his first Podrophenia session - David Woodcock  joins us in the studio tonight to chat about tracks from his walloping new album Pictures of Me. 
While Piley and Mondo do a lucky dip from current fave tunes: the newbie from Sparks and a Shirley Bassey tune sampled by Public Enemy beaming out from Ship Full of Bombs


Listen To Your Heart – Motorhead
Orinoco Flow – Olivia Jean
Girl I’ll Stop At Nothing – The Damned
I Just Can’t Be Happy Today – The Damned
I Can’t Party- - Vulfman
Nothing Is As Good As They Say It Is – Sparks
Pictures Of Me – David Woodcock
Moving Fast – David Woodcock
Café Culture – David Woodcock
Unsociable – David Woodcock
Aurora / Can’t Take Him Anywhere – Billy Reeves
(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman – The Kinks
Fire On Babylon – Sinead O’Connor
Jezahel – Shirley Bassey
The Eponym – Chill Bump

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New album Pictures Of Me available now in multiple formats at

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Podrophenia Sci-Fi Special plus Davey Hal Live Session

Tune in as Mondo & Piley take a fantastic voyage around the realms and outer-rims of Sci Fi. 

Behold as Davey Hal beams in from the Acoustic Dimension for a live session and spins some fav plays from his record collection!


Sunday, May 7, 2023

Podrophenia - Spring plus Chris Robson Live - April 23

Podrophenia the Spring Edition: a scattering of seasonal tunes from Mondo & Piley plus Chris Robson joins us in the studio for a live session - and chooses some fav tunes 


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Podrophenia - Nostalgia of the Future with Billy Reeves

Our cherished Pod-pal, Billy Reeves is back!Back! BACK!. 

Travelling in from the thin-end of The Thames to celebrate and salute his gorgeous new album Nostalgia of the Future We've lively chat, natter and tunes from the LP. Also school-whispered myths, and a mystery pop quiz Alongside a scattering of random tracks, new tunes and curious covers

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Podrophenia Love & Hate

Podrophenia opens a chocolate box of love 'n' hate songs.

From The Strokes to Sammy Davis.
Orange Juice to the Bad Seeds 
Charlotte Gainsbourg to The Stranglers covering Burt Bacharach
With a couple of quizzes 'tween the tunes. Dig in and DL here

Love To Hate You – Erasure
Daddy Valentine – Charlotte Gainsbrough
You Made Me Realise – My Blood Valentine
Computer Of Love  - Aaron Lee Tasjan
Scallops – Slimy Bench
Between Love & Hate – The Strokes
Theme From Robin’s Nest – Loose Capacitator
L.O.V.E Love – Orange Juice
Biology – Girls Aloud
2 Be Loved (Am I Ready) – Lizzo
Everlasting Love – Robert Knight
The Lake – The Long Run
Walk On By – The Stranglers
The Idol (Part 1) – Marc Almond
Really Wanted You – Emitt Rhodes
Jennifer's Vale – The Birthday Party
The Candy Man – Sammy Davies Jnr
Love Will Keep Us Together – Peters & Lee

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Podrophenia : Treasure Tracking - Best Finds of 2022


Mondo & Piley are The Detectorists! Treasure tracking our finest finds of 22. 

There's a Rod Stewart Quiz..and, we reveal how David Bowie became the creator of Dancehall Reggae

Dani's Blues - It Was Beyond Our Control Bop English
Tenement Time  Johnny Marr
I'm On The Sideline Eddie Kendricks
Wild Child The Black Keys
Subterranean Earth Stomp Luke Haines,Peter Buck
Collapse In Slow Motion  The Frixion
Drift  Billy Reeves
There’d Better Be A Mirrorball Arctic Monkeys
Through It All Lady Wray
Wolf Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Geraldine Mickey De Grand IV
It's Alright Dave Livings
Villager Matt Deighton
Under Me Sleng Teng Wayne Smith
Dancing in the Moonlight Liza Minnelli
(Herman’s) House Special Interest
Venus In Furs Jeff Beck, Johnny Depp
Come Dancing Jeff Beck

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Podrophenia X Mass

DL at SFOB Podbean: Podrophenia brings you, a seasonal cocktail of 'X' themed songs (band, artist or tune) and the occasional Christmas tune.. 

 There's a Pod Quiz - guess the film - from it's international release title. A messy Persuaders challenge, and Spotify Wrapped roundups.. 

 Dig in and DL here or stream below

Monday, November 28, 2022

Podrophenia: football, sport and acoustic blues


It's a podcast of two halves for the latest Podrophenia . 

First up - a twin-fisted blues-blasting session from acoustic duo Going Down South joining us live in the SFOB HQ for a delta -drenched setlist. 

Round 2 is a grand-standing, world of sport by way of musical motifs from Long Distance running to Leeds United and Saturday wrestling to soccer anthems. 

Dig in and DL here ...