Thursday, May 31, 2018

Radio Podrophenia - No Theme, No Scene

No Theme No Scene: Piley, Popeapedia and Mondo go freestyle for the March Podrophenia, pinging in random tracks. Expect singles from Action Man (yes he of the eagle eyes and gripping hands), a disco refit of Tubular Bells, streaker-glam, TV Themes, a mod-stomping Elvis cover, Bob Seger then and now and a pop quiz! Load up your lugholes here....



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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Radio Podrophenia - Electric/Acoustic

Plugged and Unplugged is the theme of the latest Podrophenia - Dave Livings lays down an amazing live session, while Lloyd Price spins in some digital winners from his band The Frixion - listen carefully Podpals and you may even spot them teaming-up for an improv Goldfrapp cover..

Playlist-wise we bring you the new single from Leo Clemenson , Bowie's acoustic demo of Ziggy, a rare Goldfrapp session track and two tunes touched by the hand of Tronik Youth.. Plus possibly our best run of puns yet...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Radio Podrophenia - Let It Rock

As The Ramones sang Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? The March edish of Podrophenia brings you special guests, model, designer and boutique owner Bernie Dexter and Teddy Boy legend and Rockabilly Hall of fame inductee

Levi Dexter.. Levi and Bernie give us twin-fisted tales ranging from Southend to San Diego covering Bernie's modelling career, designs and the new shop in Leigh, while Levi's chats about 'Ted Town/Southend' in the seventies with tales from the tour-bus featuring cameos from Brian Setzer, Malcolm McLaren, Johnny Rotten and Freddie 'Fingers' Lee on the way

We close out with Levi choosing fave tunes from his impeccable collection of rockers and rollers...

While Piley and Mondo pop some puns and a pop quiz your way. Download and dig in here...



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Monday, February 19, 2018

Radio Podrophenia - Odd Bedfellows

Our February Podrophenia  brings you a hypnotic session from Mark Schubert and Dave Livings with a live El-Rey set of acoustic weavings and voodoo tunings ..

Mark also picked and played some fave albums from his own El-Rey crates...

While Piley and I bring you a batch of odd bedfellows: mashups, covers and unexpected Partnerships including - Loretta Lyn, Steve Jones, Star Wars, Jimmy Pursey, Axl Rose, The Stranglers and Peter Gabriel but who's in bed with who? Find out here...



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Monday, January 22, 2018

Radio Podrophenia - Best of 2017

For the January Podrophenia - Ian Pile, Ian Pope and self pick our top tracks from 2017
Owen Williams plays a walloping live session and spins in some fave tunes from his record collection..

 And load up with BaVibes during our exclusive debut play of the @BavardOfficial new single 'Young and Restless'

Plus a tribute to @Pellicci_Cafe legend and Podro contributor Jukebox Jimmy.. DL or stream here

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