Friday, August 17, 2007

Randomiser number 2 - Never Mind The Balearics

Every time an unexpected winner, a long lost favourite or previously unheard nugget shuffles it’s way into play on my mp3 player. I log it in the blog. This time its;

Los Punkrockers – Pretty Vacant.mp3

Imagine if Manuel from Fawlty Towers had gone giddy with the Punky spirit of 77, jacked in his job at the hotel and started a Spanish punk band (perhaps called The Siberian Hamsters) that only played Sex Pistols songs. It wouldn't sound unlike Los Punkrockers.

This cover of Pretty Vacant comes from the album Exitos de Sex Pistols. Which is a complete track for track, straight ahead (no flamenco guitars,castanets or handclaps) rework of The Sex Pistols NMTB.

I haven't found much ‘net news about the band or the album, but the general theory seems to be that it was recorded somewhere in Spain around 1978. I'm guessing that the line up may have included Juanny rotten, and Seneor Vicous (who replaced Glen Matador),

Theres some tip top 'lost in translation' lyrics on it

Pretty Vacant " we’re so pretty oh so pretty … wee Will Carter"

Bodies "she was girl from Bimingham - her name was Colin, childhood express"

It's like Channel 9 version of punk, sort of Holidays in the Scorchio

What a gem - Fill your Doc Martens while you can.

Thanks to Agent Paul Cooper giving me the tip off about this peachy piece of punk obscurity.

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