Wednesday, November 14, 2007

B side babies Pt. 1 - Kelly watch the stars (Moog Cookbook remix)

In keeping with this week’s theme of undercover nuggets and hidden winners here's one of my fave' B side babies ever

Air – ‘Kelly watch the stars’ (Moog Cookbook remix)

Air's ‘Moon Safari’ album has the original version of ‘Kelly’, which is perfectly polished and presentable. The re-tweaked single release even adds some extra snap and sparkle - but the real sizzler is buried on the B side of Air's chill out anthem 'All I Need’.

The Moog Cookbook were a duo featuring Roger Manning Jr (Beck’s keyboard player, ex Jellyfish and Imperial Drag) and Brian Kehew who specialised in taking tunes from contemporary and vintage songbooks and reformatting, rebuilding and rewiring them into bionic rockers.

‘Teen Spirit’, ‘Black Hole Sun’ and ‘Hotel California’ were all given Moogie woogie makeovers - but ‘Kelly’ is the Moog Cookbook's star turn, where they customise,reconstruct and respray Air’s moon buggy into a Starsky and Hutch space hot rod.

Some clever clogs has made a tip top home compiled and edited vid’ for the 'Kelly Watch The Stars'remix - starring Jeff Lynn!,Toto!! and Sid Little on drums !!!?

And as a bonus have a peep at the another home made vid’ for ‘Hotel California’ featuring Rory McGrath on drums! and Ol’ man Branson on double decker axe!! (Great Hot Butter/Popcorn interlude in the middle)


BLTP said...

nice one again! is this a deliberate move to funk up grey november?

Axe Victim said...

Mondo get funky y'all! Excellent. Keep up da funk.

ally. said...

fantabulosa heartface - much as i adore all i need this is THE tune on that single - who woul've believed they were really so beardy and wierdy - fab vid
i can't believe i just said fab vid - punch me someone.

Davy H said...

This is very good isn't it? I bet it's in your 'box' and you'll be 'dropping' it in your 'set'.


Planet Mondo said...

Thanks for all your comments, great to know its tickling your funky bone

Ally - that's not actually the moogers and shakers
*winces again*
themselves in the video, but would love to know what this vid is actually for.

I have been known to 'dig' in my 'crates' ( a shoe box actually)to 'spin' this winner up at several shindigs

marmiteboy said...

I first heard Neil play the Air track at some do at The Sun Rooms several years ago and have been looking for it since as it is such a stormer. I'll have to try and dig it out from somewhere.

Planet Mondo said...

You can pull it down for free here. Click on the purple link and that's it. Bingo - all yours and on the freemans