Monday, December 8, 2008

Countdown To Christmas - Here Come Sandy Claws

By gumbo it's getting close to Christmas, and in celebration of the international spirit of this festivo cajun* - O Tannenbaum (Oh Christmas Tree), Feliz Navidad (seen it for years, but not a clue what it means) - it's time to fire up the yule blog with a fistful of creole flavoured critters. So, Kick off your boots, put down that alligator, light your clay pipe, give your cousin a squeeze and your squeeze box a kiss (or is it the other way around?) and shake a festive leg to this fistful of swamp dweller stompers..

Hadley Castille the 'cajun swamp fiddler' (his phrase not mine), has a name uncannily close to one of my childhood haunts, and a sight still seen daily on my shuntings to London - Hadleigh Castle

Hadley Castille - Up on a Housetop

Hadley Castille - Blue Christmas

Justin Wilson (who he?) has the loose boozy bumble of a chap that's been necking the nog like a champ - zshingle bellsh indeed!

Justin Wilson - Jingle Bells

Justin Wilson - Here Comes Santa Claus

It Caimen 'pon a midnight clear

*Yes I'm aware I'm really pushing my luck with this, but please - take it with a pinch of 'Carry On Christmas'


lil x said...

Lovin all of your "Alternative" Christmas Blog PM!
especially; Justin Wilson’s version of “Jingle Bell’s”.

Those seafood lights are so cool…

Keith said...

Hey Dave. Wow! These were so cool. I've always been fascinated by Cajun culture. I had never heard any of these. I had no clue Justin Wilson ever did any songs. Great blog post!

Planet Mondo said...

We could do with something like that along Southend Seafront Lil - and have you ever seen Leigh lights? They have a great grand opening and parade, yet half the blooming things don't work - there was even a one legged santa last year where the bulbs had blown (honest, I'm really not joking)

Thanks Keith who is Justin Wilson? - sounds like he's had a few too many shots of the Christmas spirit

Cocktails said...

I can't believe that I just listened to those...

marmiteboy said...

Love the Hadley Castille stuff. I hope he is in better shape than his {almost} namesake though.

Good one mate.

lil x said...

Leg-less Santa? Fantastic!
I haven’t seen Leigh lights for many years.
And as for the Seafront? Hmmmmmn!

In Rochford we have a string of primary colour plain bulbs along a section of North St and a Tree in the square with blue lights – My neighbours on the other hand, always put on a Spectacular Christmas Extravaganza! (It’s well worth taking an evening spin in the car around the neighbourhood)

Planet Mondo said...

It's winner's all the way to christmas Cocktail's something a bit diff' to this lot lined up tomorrow.

MB - just mailed you the link for the Hadleigh Castle album

Have you ever seen the street somewhere near Rayleigh that goes all grotto every year Lil? So OTT they collect for charity from all the visitors

The Manic Street Preacher said...


Podcast of The Drunk Punk Christmas Special will be via this -

Scroll down for podcasts and it'll be there from around Dec 22nd. Show goes live from 9pm UK time on Sunday Dec 21st.

Now all I need is a decent mic..



Piley said...

HC sounds pretty good, as for JW, hmmm, rather like my Don Lusher Jingle Bells that i've just posted on my blog... so shite, it's kinda good!


Planet Mondo said...

Will check it ouot MSP.

You should have heard the JW tracks P - phew!! I'll mail you the link if you're tempted

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