Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Carnival Is Over

Hats off and Happy New Year - but, ho-hum what a heavy effort lumbering yourself back to the same ol', same ol' after a full two weeks of naught but loafing, lazing and lie-ins - however there is a way of lightening the load - simply soak yourself in the blue eyed soaraway soul of Bobby Sansom, who, has fine eye for a barnet, and the look of one of those rug-u-like photos used in Gent's barbers..

Bobby Sansom - Handbags and Gladrags

Normal service should be resumed by Friday


Cocktails said...

Happy New Year to you PM.

I scoured my new issue of Word thoroughly last night to see if you featured again, and I'm wondering whether you're behind 'Finally Did You Know Wrong' being No.43 in the Festive Fifty. I can't think of any other way of explaining it. ;)

Fab, fab tune though of course!

lil x said...

Wishing you & Mrs PM + the mini PM’s A Brilliant 2009.

I really like this song! I’ve never heard this version before today; good innit?

Planet Mondo said...

Happy New Year to you both

Haven't seen Word yet Cocktails, Mrs PM grabbed it as soon as she saw Kate Bush on the cover - Actually I've just checked and I did vote for the GHP tune - my five votes were

The Wolfmen - 'Je T'Aime Madame
Silvery - Orders
Go Home Productions - Finally Did You No Wrong
The Sonic Executive Sessions - '17 (over you)
Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck - Let's Watch The Sunrise

And isn't the Bobby tune a belter I got it via this Christmas prezzie..

And bought myself this this for some silly price - which I'm sure you'd both love..

Keith said...

Hey there. I hope 2009 has started off well for you. It's been hard to get myself back into the groove of things after the holiday season. My brother and his wife did have a baby boy on the morning of Jan. 2nd. We are all thrilled about that. Cheers!

Cocktails said...

Mmm, those CDs do look pretty good AND there's a whole series of them to snap up too.

Mockingbird, Wish me Luck is a great name for a band!

Planet Mondo said...

Great news Keith - never to early to start the young'uns on the Rat Pack you know

You can taste test Mockingbird here Cocktails very mellow

Davy H said...

HNY there Mond.

Nice to see this great Stereophonics song at last getting the cover action it deserves.

Planet Mondo said...

Happy New Year yerself Davey It's a fine tune and didn't Rod Someoneorother do a version

Davy H said...


Piley said...

Was so ill over Crimbo and NY i never ever saw it come, let alone go! maybe next time huh?!


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