Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three years of blogging and Norfolk 'n' good

Barton Turf: whistling distance from our holiday digs...

We're off for a few days much needed breather and break next week. To Walmington-on-Sea in fact, well not yer actual Kent/Sussex village, but nipping about some parts of Norfolk occasionally spottable in Dad's Army location scenes - it's the flint walls that give it away. Cromer crab, Roys of Wroxham a trip to Narge and boating on the broads are all possibilities at the mo'.

In other news: I only realised a few days after last Sunday had passed, this place had clocked up three years on the blog-o-meter. I had been planning a third anniversary jamboree of sorts - but it's all slipped sideways over the summer. Luckily, those jolly ol' rockers The Wolfmen have allowed me to give an exclusive debut airing to their flute-tootin remix of the latest single July 20. It's the sort of Hanna-Barbera bouncer perfect for lolloping off on your hol's.

So I'll see you in a week or there abouts my booties. And perhaps we'll catch up on the missing Dear Diary posts when I'm back.

The Wolfmen - July 20 (CC's Canned Heat Summer Flute Mix)

The original version of July 20 can be bagged right here along with a variant remix from The Dandy Warhol's Courtney Taylor-Taylor

Perhaps by year four I'll have remembered hyperlink code without having to look it up.


Five-Centres said...

You really need the break. Hope it's fun.
And congrats on your three years. Where does the time go?

davy h said...

Happy Holidays The Mondos, hope you have a spiffing time: we're off on Sat too - long drive down to SW France.

Looking forward to the return of Dear Diary mucho, and congrats on three splendid blogging years meanwhile.

chocolategirl64 said...

be sure to go on the Sheringham art & sculpture trail:
I hear it's a good one:
happy hols to family Mondo:
can't wait to hear all about your adventures:

Cocktails said...

Three years. It really doesn't feel like that long does it?

And enjoy your much-deserved holiday too.

Mondo said...

Thanks all - flown by since this hasn't it..

Sheringam has been recommended a few times so Choco - that's certainly on the list..

Ps what albums are you packing Davy? I'm all of a buzz for new lately - Steve Mason's album (ex Beta Band is worth a go, if you haven't )

Tariq said...

Nice Blog:)
Pc Keyfi

drew said...

Hope you have a relaxing time Mondo and congrats on the 3 years.

Long drive to SW France,not Mr H, you've got a 400 mile head start.

wv - mingr

davy h said...

I always do a mega MP3 CD for the journey Mond - about 5 hours worth of singalongs and good-with-landscape and perk you up when your knackereds and a little bit of spoken word too (it's a Sherlock Holmes story Miss Ally posted backalong this time).

It still takes us two hours to get to Dover Drewster. And we'll be leaving the house at 5:30am.

Mondo said...

Hope to get the handbrake on Drew, although the kids'll be going round the twist. There's minimal eletrickery (not even a telly)

Can't beat a bit of spoken word. We did War of the Worlds (Jeff Wayne versh) a few years back - terrified the tots. Dad's Army radio adaptations for another trip, but the Monty Python albums on CD always go down a storm . Did you know you can get the entire Python TV output on DVD for just £12 now.

PS - go easy on the les frites AND Pastis Davy

Ishouldbeworking said...

Many thanks for three years of top-notch blogging and entertainment, Mondo. Enjoy yourself and play real nice, now.

Piley said...

have a good break Mond, you've all deserved this one. Relax and take the foot off the gas.

John Medd said...

Send us a postcard from Warmington!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and have a fabulous time on your well-deserved holiday. :-)


Mondo said...

Thanks all - the holiday-handbrake has now been applied..

PS Postcards from Walmington, would make a great album title

Furtheron said...

Have a good oen