Friday, January 11, 2013

Funk Friday - Live: covers, floor shakers and samples

Crate expectations

Remember backawhiles, before the music nattering masses migrated to Twitter. Facebook and whatnot - we used to get on some sort of a goodly foot by cueing up a few funky tunes of a Friday...

Well, if you're any stripe of drinker or dancer - wander your way to Southend's Railway Hotel tonight - where I'll be winging in a few fleet-footed frisky discs from 7 30 (ish). No bands - just you know who and a crateful of soul, funk, hammond, motown, northern, glam, garage and godknowswhatelse.

Playlist-free, (that's too prescriptive) - I'll be winging in sizzlers and scorchers to fit the mood of the room. Funky nuggets such as ...

Mo Horizons - Hit The Road Jack

If you're around or about tonight - why not pop in for bop

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