Friday, January 10, 2014

2014: Yesterday's tomorrow - today

Let's put the keys in the ignition - ZZ Top style, rev the engine, pump that pedal and head out on the wild and unknown highway of 2014 with a soundtrack on the stereo that's blazing and blasting a best of - errm, well 2012 *cue the furious squealing of brakes and burning rubber*

2012? - they chorused

Yes, somehow - I just plain forgot to post up my collection of fave finds from that year. But here it is, 23 tracks of  fresh-pressed tunes from vintage names (Hugh Cornwell, New York Dolls, Glen Matlock) Some international newbies (Hello Phones, François & the Atlas Mountains, Matsuki Ayumu) best of breed from that year (Eight Rounds Rapid, Thee Faction, Alfa 9, Fay Hallam) and as always rediscovered nuggets..

Scan the list below, then fill your booties, ipos and ears at the bottom. Salut!

Planet Mondo Annual 2012

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