Friday, January 30, 2015

7 inches in 4 weeks

Southenders and out of towners - the irreversible countdown has begun. For in four weeks time Podophenia brings you a triple whammy wing-ding of Southend's most combustible bands.

Canvey's Double Headed Jester -  Eight Rounds Rapid making a long awaited return the their home ground and the ever-fizzing Ends heading up the event.

The freshly pressed vinyl of You Write the Hits (I Write the B Sides) will be available on the night along with some other collectibles and fancies.

Our last get together with The Ends ended up (scuse pun) with our first Podrophonic mosh-pit, so who knows what could happen with this triple fisted bill

Should you fancy placing a pre-order - give Norman Records a knock here

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