Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beatle Boots - Jet Lady Joe

Go Home Productions - Jet Lady Joe(2004).mp3

This track is one of those mashup moments where the Professor of Pop, Mark Vidler (Go Home Productions) is at the Golden Section of his intergeneric genius.

On paper, attempting to build a Frankenstein of funk from this role call of rockers;

The Beatles, Jet, Joe Walsh, The Jamms and Mud.

Should end up as a musical disaster movie, but the Mozart of mashups creates an action stacked masterpiece that packs more wallop than a bare knuckle ruck.

I've been tempted several times to drop this in to various mixes, comps and occasional DJ spots, but being such an explosive 'banger' it’s almost impossible to find anything to follow up with.

If you enjoyed this get on over to GHP and fill your boots.

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