Monday, February 4, 2008

Electro And Retro At Blow Up Metro

What a tip top night at Blow Up on Saturday..

The mighty Baltic Fleet - with their walloping wall of synth sounds - like Bowie's 'Berlin' period meets Boards of Canada pumped on Red Bull.

The shiny new Silvery and those infectious high octane hurdy-gurdy anthems.

The funktastic Bongolian dishing up non stop grooveadelic delights.

And ....I even got to spin a few winners between the bands. Marvellous.
A couple of the tracks I was hoping to fire up, never quite made it - so here they are now.

I'd had 'Hard Luck (Again') lined up in my head to play but because of a momentary memory meltdown thought it was called 'Billy's Third' and fired that up by mistake. Whoops.

The Undertones - Hard Luck (Again).mp3

And this little winner was lined up for later, but it turned out to be too scratched to play. Ooops.
Albert King - Cookin' Catfish.mp3

Umm the above link seems to be dead - probably worn out from being downloaded 7500 times - so here's a working one


Anonymous said...

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Mick said...

I see B-Movie are playing at that venue in April and only £10 a ticket. Tell me honestly - is a 40-something going to look/feel out of place there or is that what they expect for B-Movie?

barb michelen: is that the most obvious phish you've ever seen or what?

Planet Mondo said...

Mick - No you'll be fine, it's a great venue - the crowd is all ages but generally depends on the band. For a gig like this, the majority of bods will probably be original B Movie fans . I was at the Dion gig recently and it was mostly people in their 50's/60's including Robert Plant.

Think I'll be giving Barb's tips swerve

Anonymous said...

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