Friday, February 8, 2008

Funky Friday - Kung Funk Kapow

If you were around (read - growing up) in the seventies, you'll remember the high flying, knuckle busting Kung Fu,Karate and Martial Arts explosion in the aftermath of Bruce Lee and 'Enter The Dragon'. Board breaking, neck chopping imagery was everywhere - from the Karate girls in 'The Man with the Golden Gun', the 'Kung Fu' TV series, Marvel comics characters like 'Iron Fist', and 'Karate Kid' in Whizzer and Chips to Kung Fu Crisps and pyjamas styled like 'Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu.'. So as it's the start of the Chinese New Year why not tuck in to some treats from this funky buffet, straight from the chop socky seventies.

If you're still hungry for more head over to Fu Fu Stu, where red hot Soul sizzlers and mixes are always on the menu.

'Enter The Dragon' Trailer

Jim Lee followed up his 'Enter The Dragon' role with the head cracking 'Black Belt Jones'

'Black Belt Jones' intro

Fleamarket Funk has a super duper Dennis Coffey rework of the 'Enter The Dragon' theme for download

And Lalo Schifrin's original score is a widescreen winner.
Enter The Dragon.mp3

Finally an early proto Acid Jazz track from 1974 that snapshots the Bruce Lee/Jim Lee period as perfectly as a Polaroid.

100% Pure Poison - Windy C.mp3


Davy H said...

Not to mention Hai Karate aftershave...

Planet Mondo said...

How did I miss that one with the lovely Valerie Leon too? I actually bought Censored aftershave, (before I was shaving) after seeing the ads where strangers were dragged into changing rooms by ladies in red bras hoping this would happen to me.

It never did.

BLTP said...

"Do you want some tea Mr Bwaithwaite?"
"not anger but emotional content hit me...." first film I saw on video! we ended up having fight in back garden!

Planet Mondo said...

"Do not concentrate on da finger or you wi' miss aw da heavenly glory. ..." Great haircut in it too. Seems odd to think it was banned for 15 years or something daft like that?

Now there's a thread 'first film you saw on video'?

Axe Victim said...

Oh man oh man I saw them all, an dI do mean ALL. One Armed Swordsman, King Boxer, every BL film, BBJones (as mentioned) the lot. I loved them, for a very short while. I did judo and karate too but it was just a fad. A col fad but fad none the less. Word.

Planet Mondo said...

AV I was terror for a bit of Fu too. I did Wing Chun for 3 years until I got chopped on the neck and couldn't look left or right for weeks.

Have you seen this though "Abbot White" you should.

"Released from his tomb after 30 years, the Devil Claw (Yuen Yat Choh) inhabits the body of a young monk. After 10 years he begins to take his revenge on those who imprisoned him. But what chance do they have against a demonic fighter who is impervious to swords, launches his arms like spears, and can turn invisible? That's right: no chance"!

ally. said...

that really is soundtrack heaven - our first stop when we went to hong kong was the modest dragons statue to give thanks

Planet Mondo said...

What a cracking selection of photos

Each ones like a ready made album cover. Magic.

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