Monday, September 29, 2008

The Company Of Wolves Part 1

How long have I been howling about The Wolfmen now ? Oh, almost one full year - and in a years of worth hearing the singles, flips sides and Myspace oddities I've never become numb-eared to any of Wolfies tunes.

I finally got my paws on the album a couple of weeks ago and it is wall-to-wall wallop all the way, not so much an album more a bespoke collection of killer could-be singles and potential heavyweight hits (staggeringly several tracks were recorded live in the studio) - It's as close you'll get to Slade stomping through The Supremes songbook , The Sonics singing 'Sugar Sugar' or 'Here Come The Warm Jets' re-jigged by Georgio Moroder with splashes and swatches of Roxy, solo Bryan Ferry, T Rex and the Sex Pistols all glazed with an electro pop gloss - but don't just take my word for it. How about an exclusive track by track guide to Modernity Killed Every Night from the Wolf-gang themselves....

Needles In The Camel's Eye

Chris Constantinou
We both love the song ('Needles' is the opening track from Eno's 'Here Come The Warm Jets'). We were trying to come up with something based around it and thought bollox - let's just do it. We did a decent demo, then worked with Chris Hughes (ex-Ants drummer) who put the drums on - Steve Musters and finally Alan Moulder mixed it.


While London Sleeps

Marco Pirroni
Another tune left over from our 'Jack the ripper" musical idea (which
we stole from Spinal Tap), the title's also stolen from the Rin Tin Tin silent movie which'll come as a surprise to Chris as I told him I thought of it.

Lyrically and vocally it's a mixture of stuff - I think it's pretty obvious what it's about :-) I get to play harp at the end - we have 3 demo versions of this, all totally different!


Love Is A Dog

Another one started at mine and Marco's , then worked on with Steve
Musters at Raezor and finally mixed by Alan Moulder ..

Up All Nighter

You will find this hard to believe, but this started as our take on
Northern Soul, it didn't end up as anything that you could have played
at Wigan Casino but these things happen in the creative process. But maybe we will get round to finishing the Wolfmen 20 great lost soul classics album one day.

This one started off as a demo from me and Marco's place - we worked on it at Chris Hughes studio who put the drums on it ...

Better Days

I frown heavily on songs with an optimistic feel and on positive thinking in general,but I like this and it's going to be our next single.

I had these lyrics for years, and even used to play a version of this with Jackie Onassid ...but this has been totally transformed into a new song and BRILLIANCE by Marco ! The guys in the band did a great job with it ... check the surf video out on youtube .. Recorded live at Raezor and Steve Musters mixed it ..

Buzz Me Kate

I'm told I know who this is about...but I honestly have no idea ask Chris

Hmm .... I think it's obvious what this is about lyrically. Recorded live at Raezor and Steve Musters mixed it ..

Side 2 of the 'The Company Of Wolves' is right here

To check out all the dates details and new tracks - beam on over to...
The Wolfmen's Myspace site


Kristie said...

bloody hell mondo!! .. ive just wasted nearly 30 mins at work listening to the wolfmen... they're tearing it up, always been a fan of marco n its looking like he's one blistering form again.

any news of a tour of promos for the album?

bleecher said...

tip top post !! wolfmen are sounding thumping!! any release dates for the album?

lil x said...

The Wolfmen are Awesome PM – Especially loved “Needles in The Camel’s Eye” and “Buzz Me Kate”…

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks bloggers and bloggettes - tha album is indeed 'blistering'

Kristie here's the answer straight from the Wolf's (Chris's) mouth - I meant to post this in the blog but forgot - whoops

Plan is to do a few live shows in London before Christmas and then a string of dates in UK covering all the main cities in late Jan / Feb 2009 to promote the new album and singles - PS .. don't tell marco :-) ha ha ha.. you know how much he loves playing live !

Bleech- the albums out now

Lil - I think my fave track is Je T’Aime Madame

And don't forget you can catch side 2 with all the other tracks and treats right here

Simon said... the way Mr Mondo, in case you missed it - head over to mine for last week's sounds for sunday - the JJ Barnes post - for a storming - and I mean storming - version of Daytripper....

Planet Mondo said...

Don't know how I missed that Simon - I'm grabbing it now.

I'm working on a Beatles covers mix at the mo' and may well drop it in - have you heard Lee Moses or Hendrix version of Day Tripper.

And why has no one, apart from the Bo Street Runners really covered 'Drive My Car'? - which is available as part of my Mod mix for Fufu Stew - you can grab it via the side bar

Piley said...

Great stuff PM, great insights into side one there... and i am VERY familiar with quite a few of those tracks already, so nice to hear a bit more about them. Top marks to Marco and Chris... Off now for side 2....


Sky Clearbrook said...

Crikey PM!

This stuff is incredible. Top music. Top post!

Sky Clearbrook said...
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Sky Clearbrook said...
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Sky Clearbrook said...

Sorry about the deletions there. No idea how I managed to post the same comment not once, not twice, but thrice!

Anonymous said...
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