Thursday, October 30, 2008

Freaky Friday - Trilogy Of Terror

Happy Halloween all you crypt kickers, freak-beaters and fangomaniacs. Hell comes to your house early this year with a three part posting for this week's Freaky Funky Friday including ...a seventy minute monster mix - Youtube treat - and a right ol' Carry On (plus some chilling tunes on C-Mondo too)

Mondo Mania
This years collection of Halloween themed hits and howlers (in a good way) have been alchamixed into 'Mondo Mania'. Some of the ingredients may not seem immediately obvious witch-way winners but....

'Barabajagal's mutterings and mantras about Hammer Horror herbalism, seems to suit the mood of the moment

And 'Who Do You Love's imagery of "tombstone hands, graveyard mines, "cobra snake neckties" and "chimney, a-made out of human skull" qualifies it for dead-cert selection..

Mondo Mania

After getting blog-busted last week, I was almost tempted to put the this list in the comments - but nevermind that cobblers, here's the tracklisting..

The Playboys - Whatizit
Ruth Copeland - Gimme Shelter
The Preachers - Who Do You Love
The Strangeloves - In The Nighttime
Alder Ray - My Heart Is In Danger
Carl Douglas - Sell My Soul To The Devil
Tom Jones - Chills And Fever
Tony Jackson Group - Fortune Teller
Paul's Disciples - See that My Grave Is Kept Clean
Zoot Money - The Mound Moves
Affinity - Three Sisters
Dusty Springfield - Spooky
Tony Joe White - Stud-Spider
Klaus Doldinger - Back In The Dark
Cream - Strange Brew
Donovan - Barabajagal
The Rattles - The Witch
Tom Jones - Witch Queen Of New Orleans
Georgie Fame - Seventh Son
The Coasters - Love Potion No9
The Exciters - Blowing Up My Mind
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - I'm Your Witchdoctor
The N'Betweens - Evil Witchman
Jimi Hendrix - Fire
The Sonics- Psycho

And why not revisit last year's mini-monster-mixes
Tunes From The Crypt and Frighty Night Is Music Night

Or Bitter Andrew's Halloween countdown, Devil Dick's spooky tunes or a trip to The Dude's Ghost Town

Video Nicey
Live from the Prancing Pony-A-Go-Go it's Georgie Fame as Gandalf the groovy and his bopping hobbits, rocking 'em dead in the Shire

Seventh Son

Frying Tonight
Why not pop on over to the Whippit Inn for a Carry On Screaming grab bag of goodies. There's everything from Lobby Cards to Locations.


BLTP said...

I just listened to most of it coming into work it's really good had boppping my head and smiling while my train waited ages outside london bridge! Don't see why I have to wait right to the end to hear the sonics though!

Roman Empress said...

I'm delighted with it. It's the only CD we're playing for the next day or two.

bitterandrew said...

Funky Friday meets Halloween? Truly, this is the best of all possible worlds....

lil x said...

Lov'n Halloween already.
The mix really hit's the spot...

Planet Mondo said...

Thank you all - you're too kind

I'm thinking of new wave/new grave one for next year Bauhaus, Cramps etc.. so any suggestions are always welcome (Lil's already come up with Jezebel Spirit)

PS BL - had to put The Sonics at the end, as it's impossible to top them with anything else

Keith said...

What a really cool Fundy Friday Halloween special! I loved it. Very awesome tracks. It's definitely given me something to listen to over and over this weekend. Love the clip of Seventh Son too. Have a spooky cool Halloween!

Devil Dick said...

most excellent!!!
i love this time of year and the music that comes along with it!
and thanks for the shout!!!!
devil d

Planet Mondo said...

It's a great clip (and tune) keith and have a peep at this Pan's People and Buddy Guy probably one of my fave PP moments.

Are you not tempted to wrap all of your halloween funky nuggets into one fright-night mix DD?

marmiteboy said...

Great to see Dusty's finest moment making an entry.

Simon said...

Grand work mate. Grand work!

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks chaps - had a mail from 6music's 'Craig Charles Soul and Funk show' about this mix yesterday....

"Very cool.Only recently came across the Tony Joe White tune and what a break at the beginning!!!!"

So well chuffed with that

Piley said...

great stuff Mondo, you're best yet??? Looking forward to the Christmas mix already!


Col said...

I'm with Piley!

Devil Dick said...

Are you not tempted to wrap all of your halloween funky nuggets into one fright-night mix DD?

maybe next year...

it might have to be a 4 hour mix though!!!

Planet Mondo said...

Christmas is sorted P, you know the family album that gets wheeled out once a year - well it's that sorta thing.

Col - Thanks for adding comment number 13, call me superstitious, but on this spooky post I didn't fancy taking that slot.

DD- Great idea the and call it 'Vault Of Horror'

Gary Fowles said...

I'll have me some of that cheers Mondo. Dracula AD 72 aswell eh? Nice to met a fellow Hammer fan.