Sunday, October 26, 2008

Glamour Ghouls

I found a load of old scraps and cuttings like this in the loft recently

There's a gallery of grotesques to choose from when you get to glam related rocky horrors...

Alice Cooper - The New York Dolls 'Frankenstein' - Iggy's 'Death Trip' and 'Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell' - Suzi Q's 'Devil Gate Drive'- Bolan's 'Mystic Lady', 'Demon Queen' (or his earlier John's Children tune ''Desdemona'' banned because of it's "lift up your skirt and fly" line)- Bowie's 'Width Of A Circle', 'Please Mr Gravedigger', 'Beauty And The Beast' - Roxy's 'Bogus Man' or Eno's 'Spirit's Drifting' and 'Everything Merges With The Night' are just a handful of the Halloween themed hits and howlers available from the spangle age..but I thought these few tunes could do with being reanimated as pre-season of the witch friendly..

David Bowie Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).

An overlooked, underplayed thumper that gets lost in the shadows of 'Ashes To Ashes' and 'Fashion'

Marc Bolan You Scare Me To Death

Hellraiser - a heavier-hitting side of The Sweet

Blockbuster -

Blockbuster could well have been inspired by the Batman bruiser Blockbuster(DC's answer to The Hulk)

Which brings us back to Bowie who referenced Batman in Uncle Arthur

"Uncle Arthur still reads comics
Uncle Arthur follows Batman"

And that's 'doing the loop'


Simon said...

Love , and I mean love , Scary Monsters. I think it's one of Bowie's absolute best tracks ever. Just amazing.

Keith said...

So awesome! Great tunes. I'm a big fan of glam rock. It's great to hear these spooky cool songs here. Thanks for posting them. Bowie is the man!

Planet Mondo said...

Bowie is the kiddy isn't he - and absolutley on fire during the seventies - he must have a soft spot for Scary Monsters as it seems to be a constant inclusion in his live sets.

I saw him (at the Milton Keynes Bowl in '83), even though he'd gone all John Pertwee it was a cracking show - there's some footge (including Scary Monsters) here

And if you're any sort of Bowie or seventies music I'm reading this at the mo' and can't recommend it enough

Col said...

Drats! No product description to the book matey - how about a blurb to whet our appetites?

Planet Mondo said...

Here you go Col it's like a rock n roll Adrian Mole meets High Fidelity - you'll love it you can buy from Amazon UK for pennies, literally

ib said...

Yes. "Scary Monsters" was the last great Bowie LP. I really believe that; it was certainly the last one I went out and bought.

Planet Mondo said...

Scary Monsters book-ended his seventies hot-run. I've dipped in for most of them since but they're can be 'patchy' at best. I actually prefer the Tin Machine stuff, I really don't know why it gets such a kicking.

Pete Burns has a theory that Bowie went off the boil when he split up with Angie, as it was her that encouraged his edginess

ib said...

That (Pete Burns') theory is one I would not entirely disagree with.

I saw him (Bowie) on his "Serious Moonlight" tour, and it was very disappointing. It was as if his uncle had turned up to perform at his wake.

Planet Mondo said...

If you click the 'here' link in the third comment there's some rarely seen ( apart from the millions that have viewed it via u-tube) Bowie footage from his 83 Milton Keynes dates doing Breaking Glass and Scary Monsters - I've got this complete show 'South Of Watford'on VHS somewhere.

And yes he went from the Thin White Duke to Pertwee period Dr Who. And as cool as he is, the one thing he still can't do is dance.

Piley said...
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Piley said...
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Piley said...

some great toons here PM, tappin in to the heart of Piley Towers here!! Bowie, Bolan n Sweet!!

You are right to trad carefully with Bowies latter albums. Earthling, Outside and Heathen were all patchy, but I tell you what, Reality wern't half bad, and (you'll have to trust me here), Hours is up there with some of his best 70's work!!! Honest!! If you didn't know it was a new album, you'd put it somewhere around Hunky Dory. I still play it A LOT!There's a 2nd hand one knocking about on Amazon for 36p!! someone really should snap that up!


Ishouldbeworking said...


AND (possibly less of a coincidence given the size of the place) I was at the MK Bowl in 1983. I was a bit upset by his pastel-coloured suit, but it was still, as you say, a cracking show. I'm just reading 'Bowie in Berlin' at the moment, which is worth a look (and written by a Leigh-on-Sea boy!) about his most bonkers period. He really did go almost insane.

And I ALWAYS wanted hair like Brian Connolly.

Planet Mondo said...

P - Hours is the Eno detective story one isn't it I think I've got it somewhere so will spin up.

IS - spooky! I went to Milton Keynes on the Friday (he wore green and blue suits), It took an hour to get out of the car park - I've still got one of those moon shaped balloons somewhere. I must grab that book, my brother read it and loved it - I'm halfway through To Major Tom and it's a joy and a gem. You can get it for pennies on Amazon.

Planet Mondo said...

Oh and that Brian C hair, genius - he's an overlooked icon - check out Burn On The Flame , one of the best suits since Bowie's 'Life On Mars' vid' outfit

Piley said...

Mondo - no, you're thinking of 'outside', which was based around some sort of art crime novel type thing.. "Diaries of Nathan Adler". It's only alright.

Nah, Hours is just an honest to goodness great album, no arty farty stuff, just great songs.

STILL one on amazon for 36p!!


office pest said...

That looks like a Record Mirror cutting I remember.

Planet Mondo said...

I think you right OP it could well be Record Mirror - I've got a scrapbook full of punky cuttings, but this was from a folder of spare bits ready to be scrapbooked..

Anonymous said...

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