Friday, March 20, 2009

Funky Friday - Bolly Mixtures

Perhaps it was being in Brick Lane (the UK's - Little Bangladesh) on Wednesday and not having a curry, that's got me all fired up for something saucy, sweet and spicy. So today I'm serving up three sizzling dishes of classic disco doo-dah, refried and reheated with authentic Asian flavours and fragrances as Usha Uthup re-makes/re-models....

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Chhupke Kaun Aya

I Will Survive
Lelo Dil Mera

I Feel Love

And for anyone who's not seen Bollywood's take on Thriller yet - you really must fill your boots below..


Cocktails said...

What a way to kick off a Friday in the office (when we should clearly be outside). I Will Survive - it keeps the spirit of the original, and then some.

Where did you pick this gem up?

BTW, your RSS sidebar links haven't picked up my blog updates. Is it usually slow or is it me? I've been fiddling around with it recently and I'm feeling nervous that I may have done something...

Planet Mondo said...

Scorchers aren't they, and I love the way she dips into English with a random new verse on I Feel Love

I came across Chhupke Kaun Aya via Tom Middelton's The Trip which is one of the best comps money can buy - the opening run is stunning

And from there tracked down Usha's album 24 Carats which also includes reworks of Billy Joel, The Bee Gees and Cliff Richard..

My blog feeds seem to be updating in time - so not sure about that one Cocktails..

lil said...

Fantastic PM!
We’re having curry for dinner tonight; I might stick this lot on to spice things up even more?
I luv a bit of Disco…

Bollywoods rendition of “Thriller” is hilarious…!

Planet Mondo said...

I've got a roaring hangover today and could with a vindaloo to shake it off Lil..

You should check the Bollywood Superman/Spidergirl film on Youtube - literally mad!

Davy H said...

Are these actually the Indian equivalent of our good old Top Of The Pops LPs from the mid 70s?

Boy, it's quiet in our corner of the interwebby tonight. An enormous tumbleweed blew through my place two hours ago, but only toothless Tex from The Golden Garter stepped outside to see it, and he'd been on the moonshine.

Planet Mondo said...

I'm blaming it on Google street view Davy - I've been on it all afternoon checking legendary rock locations Abbey Road, Sound Technique Studios, the homes and former homes of Johnny Rotten, The Small Faces and The Rolling Stones - so wouldn't be surprised if every other bugger has too

Keith said...

Very cool. I loved this post. My sister works with a lot of Indians. They've turned us on to a lot of music, films, food, etc. from India. We are really enjoying it all so much.

Anonymous said...

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