Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Artwork by Coop from Pinhead 45

What is it with synthétiseurs and the French? They seem to be a nation hard-wired with the talent for turning out the sleekest of space-race synthscapes and Skylab designs

France's rich history of sci-fi/hi-fi sounds and styles launches in 1902 with Le Voyage Dans La Lune , and runs through Pierre Boulle's - Planet of the Apes, Andre Courreges 'Moon Girl' collection, Concorde, Fantastic Planet, Jean Jacque Perrey, Jean Michelle Jarre and Space's - Magic Fly to Air, Cassius, Daft Punk, Etienne De Crecy and the fat analogue arpeggiations that Source records specialise in.

Docking in the 21st century a poignée of contemporary French solo artists have teamed-up to form an electro-collective 'Valerie' downloading their output into the mainframe via their myspace site ..valeriejetaime

It's also well worth space-hop to the Valerie blog for a freebie download of the thumping Can You Kiss Me First (1928 remix)

And when he's not busy bleeping and squeaking with Valeriens, Maethelvin makes his own blend of bubbling inter-planetary pop which sounds like this..

Maethelvin - Delight

While another French space cadet Kavinsky, seems to specialise in imaginary film and TV themes..

Kavinsky-Testarossa Autodrive


Cocktails said...

Where's Jean Michel Jarre then?!

Actually, are these tracks new? They sound like they come from another, more analogue, era. But I guess that's trendy now...

In any case, I think they will fit in perfectly with my gym 'running' mix.

Planet Mondo said...

Merde - he was on the list, Cocktails but I think I cut and paste him out to spell check, but forgot to put him back in...

The Maethelvin one is brand new, the Kavinsky tune is about three years old - but yes great gym music..the Can You Kiss Me First (1928 remix) is even better

But you can also check my brothers mixes for Fenchurch clothing here and here he always packs the winners in and they'll get you on the good foot while you're knocking yourself out..

PS keep an eye out for his Tronik Youth Tee's when you're in Rough Trade next...

Ishouldbeworking said...

Your brother? My god, there's a dynasty of you!

This stuff is fab, by the way.

Piley said...

blimey... a history lesson AND some top tunes!!

Am in a megga electronic mode at present, due to seeing Sparks perform the 1979 euro electro stunner 'Number One in Heaven' on saturday... review coming soon on the blog!


Keith said...

These are awesome. I loved them. I really dig French music of whatever decade.

Planet Mondo said...

These are also worth adding to your 'Gym' playlist Cocktails....
Electric Blue (it's a bit cheeky in places though
Kelly watch the stars’ (Moog Cookbook remix)

ISB - in fact there's three of us - me this one and this one. I won't go into detail here, but I only discovered the other two about five years ago - and was working roughly half a mile away from one (we both used to go the Spitalfields record fair at the same time - before we were in touch) when I found out them. And it's hard-coded in the genetics - we're all music obsessives

Saw Sparks on TV last Friday P, love that new tune.

There's a special snap about the French isn't there Keith an effortless cool..

Cocktails said...

Thanks PM. Have just downloaded for the gym list!

Piley said...

Winner aint it PM?? So clever, so funny, yet still so arty.

Next time they play you are coming with me... no buts!


Anonymous said...

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