Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Source

Endlessly dedicated Beatles nutter that I am, even I'm starting to slump and feel fabbed-out from the unrelenting ad campaigns, magazine covers and blanket coverage stoked up by the recent remaster releases.

Full marks to the NME* though, for effectively popping off a cribsheet for teens with the last issue (even if 12 cover variations has the specteral money-grabbing fist of Allen Klein about it).

And the principle of £200 per box set (of course you'll need both mono and stereo if you're an avid completist) seems to bruise the purity of the legacy. But let's forgo all that fru-fru and hear The Beatles raw, remix free and topping up their 'studio tan' as Zappa called it by way of some outakes, alt.takes and works in progress.

Paperback Writer (Take 2)

I'm A Loser (Take 3)
A lovely touch of fine-tuning the harmonies, before they kick off

What You're Doing (Take 11)

One After 909 - (Take 3)
A real gem from the 63 Please Please Me sessions - that breaks down at 1:23 as Macca struggles to play without a plectrum - "it's mairdur"

*If anyone finds my left-behind copy of this (Hard Day's Night cover) on the C2C line any chance of handing it in at the lost property dept?


Piley said...

the one thats really giving me the pip at the moment is the ad for the video game thing. It's on just about every ad-break. And it's a creepy looking thing isn't it?? The jsrky movement of the cgi'd fab 4 is v odd, and when a bearded smiling Lennon turns round it's quite scary!

I'm obviously too old, but.... what the hells so good about a computer game that if you practice for weeks on end, you can sound just like the bleedin record??!! My suggestions are:

1) just listen to the record; or

2) learn to play a propper instrument!! Spend a few weeks learning to play a REAL guitar!!! not a effin pretend one!! Tragic waste of time.

Good toons by the way!


Perrata 2000 said...
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AXE FM Radio Download Hour said...

Me too. After doing two one hour Beatles Remasters special radio download hour shows over at my place I am sick to the back teeth of it all. I reckon I need to giv ethe fabs a good rest for another thirty years!

Mondo said...

P I read Dave Gilmour from Floyd was moaning that if his kids spent the same amount of time learning real guitar instead of playing Guitar Hero - they'd be 'damn good'.

Oh that's a cracker Perrata, 'Love You Too' on acoustic and uke - genius. There's a touch of Fleet Foxes about the echo isn't there?

And what a pair of crackers those shows were too Axey

Keith said...

Hey there. Great clips. I've got a couple of buddies who have bought the game. They've been playing it so much that I think they could learn to play a real musical instrument.

AXE FM Radio Download Hour said...

Oh dear no. I bougth Guitar Hero for the kids when it came out. I thought "I'll have a bit of fun with his meself" but alas, it serves no sense of musical purpose whatsoever. Even they seemed to agree with me for once. Waste of bleeeeedin' money.

Mondo said...

I've tried it Keith, can't get my noggin or fingers around it.

Be great to do some role reversal Axey and challenge the Rock Band/Guitar Hero pro's to a real guitar play off wouldn't it Axey

Davy H said...

Young people today!

Are they reissuing these Beatles LPs on beautiful 180 gm vinyl, with a free code to download the mp3 version included? Of course they bloody aren't!

Blank Stares and Cricketclaps said...

There is a faint mist of overkill about. Is there no end?

Apparently not, i found a TV movie about John & Yoko i'd never seen before on youtube today. Peter Capaldi played George! It was utter tosh. I watched it all.

Mondo said...

You can see my thoughts on this strategy of swizzery here Davy - oh and apparently it's the mono set that comes with goodies and deluxe packing - sheesh!

BS&CC I've been watching this (the whole film not just the scene)as an antidote - amazing how many of the songs sound like Oasis

Davy H said...

It's a highly articulate outburst Vivian.

My good friend Dr Al has bought the mono box set - I can't decide whether 'personally I always preferred The Monkees' or 'Let's face it, most of the early Beatles albums only have about five good songs on them' ploys will be more enjoyable/likely to start a 'bundle'.

What larks!

Istvanski said...

I can't say that I'm against any guitar hero type computer games (I prefer to play a real guitar) but loads of pro guitarists have said that anything that may encourage anyone to pick up the real thing is good. But David Gilmour has a very valid point.

Mondo said...

I could never understand the mono is best argument until I heard a blast on headphones a few months back Davy - yikes! The magic was more concentrated than ever. And I've been buying Beatles bits for over 30 years now,still, haven't bought the first two albums.

I tried playing it over Christmas ISTV but ended with reef knot fingers - give me my ol' SG or LP or Dano anyday.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I can't get enuff Beatles - so, thanks :)

As Ringo says at the start of "I'm a Loser" - "Mal...shut up!" hahahaaa [Thanx, Mr Evans] ;)

Gabbi said...

I ♥ the BEATLES dear Mondo... it's amazing how impossible it is to get tired of them. Must get my hands on the new remastered discs.

Also, and most importantly, thank you so much for the link to the Halloween mix... my computer is broken so I can't download yet, but I will as soon as possible!! I adore halloween music. :)

Sam said...

Love that photo of them - how old are they there!! They look pretty young - sweet!

Mondo said...

And listen out for the mumbled 'effing hell' from Lennon, when Macca announces that lost plectrum Mal.

I never get bored of The Beatles Gabbi - it's the advertising ovedrive that's boggling me..hope you like the spooky tunes too x

I think George is about 14 in that pic Sam - and Macca's using a right hand guitar flipped over - crazy isn't it