Friday, September 4, 2009

Funky Friday - Podrophenia 3 - Surprisingly Funky

K-tel's Goofy Greats - now that's what I call music!!

Surprisingly Funky - that's the for theme latest podcast from Piley and I. Ten tunes from players and performers who've stowed away some uncharacteristically fleet footed crackers in the catalogue.

But can you guess who's who before each tune ends - of course you can!

Amongst the usual bumble and banter we touch on - The Basildon Music Festival - 'Basfest', Ron Wood's Southend connections, Piley's Newsround and celebrity lookalikes including: him and him - him and her

All grabbable and listenable right here...

Podrophenia 3

You may notice - the promise of a surprise at one point (a Radio One style Bits and Pieces quiz I'd planned for Piley), but soundwise, this section went a bit wonky . Rather than waste it - I'll embed here in case you fancy a pop at a summer themed Pop Quiz..

Click on the pic for a full-size gawp


Keith said...

Hey Dave. I'm going to take another listen to it. I am actually really bad with picking people out. I wanted to listen to it again anyway. I enjoy your podcasts. Have a great Friday and weekend. Cheers!

Coop said...

Bits and pieces, that takes me back.
Peaches - Stranglers
Summer Fun - Babararacucudadas
Heatwave? Something mod sounding anyway
Who Loves The Sun - Velvet Underground
Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt 3 - Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Horidays In The Sun - Jap Sex Pistors

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Keith - any suggestions for future poddies let us know

Top works Coops..

You're on the right lines with Heatwave

Holidays was a originally tip off from you

Did you guess any of the podcast tunes

Coop said...

I knew The Shads one cos I've got it, great tune, love the Hoo-Huhs! Couple of the others I'd heard before. I need to listen again, I had it on the computer at work and it was too quiet.

I didn't think it was Heatwave, fill us in, I'm intrigued as to which bunch of mods it is.

Planet Mondo said...

It's The Who - an extra track you'll find on A Quick One album

Holidays is Los Punkrockers (who were one of my earliest blog bits)

Any suggestions for suprisingly funky nuggs we should have included?

Istvanski said...

Excellent - I shall download, listen and digest while playing blog catch up.
Love your fake Steve Jones guitar...where d'ya get the stickers from?

Michael said...

Loved the bits and Pieces thing, Happy memories. Do more of them in future please.
Although i seem to remember that when radio one did it they made sure it was a lot easier than that for the punters on the beach
The hardest it ever got was an obscure Wombles track or perhaps The instrumental middle section of Beach baby by First Class. I never ever heard Emperer Rosko or Dave lee Travis do Velvet Underground

Gabbi said...

Downloading the podcast now! The album cover looks like fun in itself, but the tracks look really interesting... Lovin Spoonful!

Now you have to explain if the celebrity look-a-likes are supposed to resemble Piley?? :)

Mondo said...

Any plans for an Istcast - IV? I found the guitar girls on Ebay - Here you go .. the exact ones - they're transfers rather than stickers so a bit tricky to apply (but luckily you gets two)

Yes I did skimp on the clips Michael - poor ol' Piley struggled a bit - just as well the sound went wonky and we had to lose it.
PS I won a Radio Luxmebourg Roadshow Bits and Pieces comp once - the prize was a crate of Crocodillo (I was still too young to drink at the time)

Lovin Spoonful - it is a bit cheeky isn't Gabbi I'd never made the connection - Piley and I lookalikes would have to be these two

Cocktails said...

Top one as usual, but when is it going up on iTunes?!

Gabbi said...

That's was one funny comic Mondo!!! And that happens to me so often, you don't even know :) Sometimes, quite honestly, it happens to me when I read your blog or blogs from Spain (though I know Spanish). The slang and ways of expressing things is different, like 'fleet footed crackers in the catalogue'... I swear I had to read it a few times to get it right... and even then, not so sure? But I love the challenge and learning new ways of expressing oneself. Send the link to the lookalikes of you and Piley again, the other link didn't work and am so curious now.

-Your friend in Los Angeles

Mondo said...

Whoops forgot to post our iTunes link - yes all three poddies are on there Cocktails - here you go

Know exactly what you mean Gabbi, and I do get carried away with the stretching the syntax sometimes Gabbi

Your friend in sunny Southend

Gabbi said...

Thank you for the links Mondo! Very handsome both of you, the lookalikes look nothing alike though. :) Hope you've had a great weekend and wishing you an even better week!

hiro said...
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bleecher said...

tip top cream of the crop ... bangers each and every one

your banter gets better .. had to stop the playback at one point i was laughing so much

oh n thanks for the mention the tunes are all here

myspace-markus reeves 59STEPS EP

facebook-markus reeves

Mondo said...

Bless you Gabbi - you're too kind.

We'll have to clonk some your tunes in the blog Bleech

Davy H said...

Alright you two? Nice one. Well done on the bus reference. The Aged Ps had the Opportunity Knocks winners LP; the marching band came down along main street, and everything. How about a TV Themes special next time? Love thy neighbour x

Mondo said...

TV Themes - you're pushing against an open door there as his royal Togness says..Opportunity Knocks winners any chance of a tune or two appearing on the Ghostly blog?

Davy H said...

Tragically, the old man tossed it to the charity shop last year before I could save it. OMG! as I believe the young people say.

Mondo said...

Don't start me on that Davy my Seditonaries shirts (3 of them) got binned - and some Sue Clowes (did Culture Club designs, and now worth a mint) were last seen being used by mum mondo for polishing bits