Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Diary - April

It's the return of 'Urcha' - Son of Urcha perhaps? Bit of a dry month entrywise, apart from new jeans, a karate poster (still in my mum's loft: the poster, not the jeans), one lost pound and slow down in the disco business.

Strangely, several of the tunes from this chart were bought but not captured in the calendar (Pop Muzik and Lucky Number were nearly, but not quite bagged too). So what Pick of the Pops should we go for..

Silly Thing - well, we had the Pistols last month
I'm an Upstart - too rowdy

Cool For Cats - strong possibility of getting blog-whacked
(I had a DMCA takedown last week)

Meaning it can only be a reworked theme tune that is an urgent anthem for teenage tear-ups..

The Dickies - Banana Splits

If you noticed Chic's I want your love in the chart above, there's a reggae refit right here if you fancy grabbing.

PS the ghost of Malcom McLaren haunts this chart.

Silly Thing - sleeve design by college chum Jamie Reid
Pop Muzik - written and performed by college chum Robin Scott
Siouxsie And The Banshees - managed by McLaren's assistant Nils Stevenson, whose brother Ray Stevenson was the Pistols first official photographer


Ishouldbeworking said...

Love the hot cross bun artwork for Good Friday, and the pencilled-in giant Easter egg you were obviously planning on getting two days later...and I'm intrigued about why Stewpot is sporting a couple of Star Trek badges. What did you know about him that the rest of us didn't??

Mondo said...

And don't forget noughts and crosses on the 24th too..

I haven't got a clue why Stewpot is recast as Trekkie, perhaps I'd been on a Star Trek buzz. Poor ol' Annie Nightingale really cops it next month though - and there's a new advert referenced in her pics

Cocktails said...

Ah, the Dickies. I love that song. I first heard it when I was 16 and only relatively recently realised that it was a cover of a tv theme tune. Yes, I know!

Was going to ask who the lovely young man this month is, but I see that it is someone called Stewpot. Is that the same Stewpot who Danny Baker descibed as having written one of the most deranged and self-serving autobiographies of all time I wonder.

Furtheron said...

Banana Splits... Memories! Size of an elephant... etc.

Hey - is Ed Stewpot really Vernon Kay's Dad... I can't help but ponder a resemblance

Mick said...

Ah, Stewpot! I always liked the idea of sending in a request on cassette rather than writing when I was a kid. Ane early sign of my laziness.

I bought 13 of that Top 75, including Gordon Giltrap's Fear of the Dark on 12-inch - an odd format for a proggy (almost) instrumental.

I've also had a DCMA takedown this week for a 2007 post.

Mondo said...

The very same Stewpot Cocktails. I only relatively recently realised (love that phrase) via Five Centres, the Splits were meant to be Firemen!!

And don't forget Micro Ventures F-Ron. Or Uh Oh Jongo, going further back.

Gordon Giltrap!? On 12"!!?? What madness is this Mick

davy h said...

I see John Burroghs disco on Weds 11th was fancy dress - what did you go as?

Piley said...

I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the rest of the year on my last visit to Mondo Manor... very enlightening (he never did find that pound y'know..)

The little grabby hand reaching for the Easter egg looks right out of Krazy comic!


Mondo said...

Can’t remember for def’ Davy, but I think I probably swerved the fancy dress theme. I’ve still got a ticket for one of these shindigs somewhere - Stuart Brown Disco’s – he ran a DJ supplies shop in Hadleigh which also sold ex-chart singles (more on that later in the year).

Also the influence of Leo Baxendale, and reading Python and Goodies books from 77 onwards P