Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Podrophenia 9 - Riddle Me This Pop Pickers

The Fenchurch Flyer leaves Southend at noon. It travels west at 60 kilometers per hour with a following wind. One passenger has 3 apples in one pocket and 2 oranges in the other

Q - what should he be listening to on his iPo'?

A - Podrophenia number 9!
(DL link is at the bottom of the page)

A pod-quiz where Piley, myself and assorted text guests have a pop at cracking the conundrum of two mystery mini-motifs (one from Piley, one from me) over a playlist of ten tunes. Why not tuck in below and see if you can out-noodle the collective think tank that is Team Mondo:Tronik Youth Marmite John Medd

Podrophenia 9

Or via iTunes if you prefer

I'm dedicating my theme to Malcom McLaren (1946 ~ 2010)


John Medd said...

Eat your heart out Mike Reid.

Mondo said...

I managed to bang in the ol' pop quiz theme right at the end John. PS well done on your stealthy guess work, you sort of drew the dots, but never joined them.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I really should stop listening to these while at the gym. I never manage a whole one without emitting some great snorty laugh.

Mondo said...

Marvellous! All down the back of the in front..

We must try to contain the smuttery on future ones though..