Friday, November 12, 2010

I Like It. What Is It?

Poster by Anthony Burrill

You may remember some yap a while back about the Annual Sad Lads CD Swap. Well tonight is that night - CDs will be exchanged, pints will be pulled and the whip will probably end up in Piley's charge (a pub role similar to the Monopoly banker).

This year I'm going public with my pickings and have mixed the comp as downloadable take-away version. To paraphrase E F Rice's rules....the tracks don't have to be from 2010 (although almost a third are) just new-to-you tunes. There may be a few possible eyebrow-raisers and non-blogged bits in the bundle, but these are my most played tunes of 2010 and the track list can be found in the comments.

The Planet Mondo Annual Report - 2010

Two tunes bubbling under that didn't seem to fit the mood of the mix were ...

Asobi Seksu - Strawberries (Ulrich Schnauss remix)

An infectious collective of indie crystals and whispy vocals shining some brightness through a misty fug of thunderous rumbles and shoegazy layers.

Memory Tapes - Bicycle: a musical smoothie where the taste of Talking Heads and a tone of New Order are rewhisked for the digital generation..


Mondo said...

The Prodigy - Stand Up
The Aliens - Magic Man
Thomas White - The Last Blast
The Soft Pack - Answer To Yourself
Blitzen Trapper - Fire and Fast Bullets
Neon Plastix - Gentlemen's Gold
The Horrors - Mirror's Image
Depeche Mode - Dreaming of Me (Crocs 81)
Memory Cassette - Listen to the Vacuum
Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer
Steve Mason - Lost and Found
The Records - Girl in Golden Disc
She and Him - In the Sun
The Sonic Executive Sessions - You'll Never Be Happy
The Billy Reeves Singers - Genius
Go Home Productions - Smells Like Rocking Robin
Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep (instrumental)
Annie Phillippe - C'est la Mode
The Bogatinis - Discotheque
The Beatles - TNK (Leftside Wobble Edit)
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

Kolley Kibber said...

Oh wow, what a treat. I've already started listening, and it's a gem so far. Cheers, lads - have a great evening.

chocolategirl64 said...

Jap Cocteaus:
like Memory Tapes:
thanks for that ^_^

Mondo said...

Bit of local interest to ISB - Depeche at Crocs 81, where you there for that?

And our fave Steve Mason makes the list twice Choco (solo and with The Aliens). Spin Asobi Seksu for more Cocteau tones

John Medd said...

Have a scoop for me. I'll be looking back over a very busy year before too long. A couple that spring to mind: Fabienne Delsol and The Len Price 3.

Mondo said...

Add Little Barrie to that pile J and you've got a properly funky bundle

Lawrence said...

I don't want to wee wee on your chips, but Steve Mason has bugger all to do with The Aliens. Nice selection though, I'll have me a proper listen next week.

drew said...

Not a Fall track insight!

I'm going out tonight too, first time in a couple of months, will probably just be moaning about how bad the pubs are these days.

Have a good one Mond.

I love Asobi Seksu, they do a right good versions of Then He Kissed Me.

Most of my favourites this year have either been dubstep or techno, been quite a strange year.

drew said...

that should have been in sight, of course

Mondo said...

Whoops well spotted Gary, got me Beta Band ref's confused. He did this great track, which almost made the list..

Ta for the tip Drew I'll check out ~ watch out for some techno type electrickery round this way next week. Have a good one, wrap up warm, and drink some water before turning in...

ally. said...

blimey - i'm terrified just looking at the track list. you modern little thing you. well nearly modern some of the time at least. have a ball dearie

Mondo said...

Funnily enough Ally, most of the new stuff sounds like old stuff. The first Prodigy tune is based around the horn riff from this..

And the Edwyn one sounds long a lost northern stomper

Lawrence said...

No probs Mondo, just glad to see you are hip to the boy Mason. Album of the year for me, well along with LCD and Luke Haines.

Mondo said...

It's a top 5 - Although The Wolfmens' Married to the Eiffel Tower would have been number 1 if they'd released it. You should be able to catch it on Spotify..

Piley said...

looking forward to giving this a bash, and everyone elses too... although I can't help but feel the Brownster has carried out a blatent rule break "must be from an album released this year or an album new to you this year" and he put Velvet Underground on there??? I've known him 20+ years and he has always been the biggest Velvets fan i've known!! Like to see his excuse for that one!

But then I did have a valid excuse for putting 'Light my Fire' on mine, so we'll have to see!

E F RICE said...

Well as organiser I put a rule bender in myself with the Peel Session version of 'Wardance' by Killing Joke. I acquired the CD version of it this year although it is on vinyl in the loft somewhere !

Mondo said...

Top night you two - and Coops Pop Quiz what a head-sratcher. Knowing Brownie is an avid Velvets fan I can't believe he hasn't Waiting before rule bender would have been Hubert Laws - Listen To The Band, found last December, but spinning at all year..

Of course as soon I'd given out the CDs I immediately realised this peach should have been on the playlist..

Piley said...

was gutted to miss out on the evenings entertainment, but was feeling right rough... pop quiz sounds fun!

My rule bender would be the Matt Monro track, owned it for CD for about 15 years. But I DID buy that box set this year, which had it on again, so technically......

Mondo said...

Pop Quiz was from last week's Shortlist: 100 questions with some right ol' stinkers in there...
PS - I may have to be a bit more flexible with my selections next year, if everyone else is on the fiddle

E F RICE said...

On the flip side Mondo, I think I am going to have to tighten up the rules to stops the amount of benders .... so to speak !