Friday, December 31, 2010

All the way to 11

As the song goes what are you doing New Years Eve? If there's a whole lotta leg-shaking and shindigging going on, I've got some ready made pulses pumpers and foot-tappers ready to roll ...or perhaps use as music to to boost your mood, while dandifying yourself for a night out

A repost of over 6 hours worth of wall-to-wall wallop via 5 mixes available for a strictly limited period only - they're here today and gone tomorrow...

Whatever you're up to - raising a glass, shaking a leg, swishing a hip (or anything else that wobbles) - have a good one and I'll see you on the other side...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Rock Around the Clock 1
Sparkly, bubbly ice-breakers to soundtrack the to-ing and fro-ing

Rock Around the Clock 2
Tunes to warm up the room

Rock Around the Clock 3
Tunes to lively up your legs

Rock Around the Clock 4
Rocking the roof right off..

Rock, roll, mod 'n' soul...


drew said...

Wishing you and yours health and happiness in 2011 Mondo

Mondo said...

Cheers matey - what are you up to? We're off to neighbours for Hogmany - I'm taking the guitar, and doing some acoustic versions of Delilah, Suspicious Minds, Tainted Love, Monkees, Kinks and Beatles bits

davy h said...

Sounddesk recordings available - send SAE & postal order to the usual address. WHT WHY WHHHHHHY DELIHHHHHLAAAA!!!

HNY you old pop tart x

Mick said...

Happy New Year! These sound great but it's unlikely I'll find time to listen to them today.

JC said...

Happy New Year Mondo.

Thanks for everything this past 12 months

Mondo said...

Cheers chaps - Happy New Year to you all. Very loud one Davy - plenty o' vol on..Delilah, the na-na-na-na closing Hey Jude chorus of Don't You Want Me, ABBA stuff and Say Hello, Wave Goodbye..

Piley said...

went armed with all your mixes to our NY celebrations.... but as it was in the Elms, no music allowed ;-)

Happy new year to all the Mondo family