Friday, January 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: Psychic Nick's Picks

It's our first guest blogger of the year. Firing up a hand-picked playlist of his favourite soul, rock and stoner tones is Nick Saloman: main-brain and multi-instrumentalist behind psych-rockers Bevis Frond, star of TV's Countdown and compiler of Psychic Circle's albums including the excellent Instro Hipsters and UK Floor Fillers series, so let's tuck into this handful of musical, magical beans.

Barry St. John - Turn on Your Light: I only discovered Miss St.John relatively recently. A Glaswegian soul girl who cut a string of great 45s and one brilliant album called 'According To St. John'. This single is also on the album.

The Flies - I'm Not Your Stepping Stone: I bought this when it first appeared back in 1966 in National Radio in St. John's Wood High Street. An absolutely fantastic slice of raw fuzzed up freakbeat from Ilford!

Dave Crosby - Laughing: My favourite track off the amazing If I Could Only Remember My Name album. Stoned out bliss direct from the Laurel Canyon hot tub of your mind!

Patto - Loud Green Song: On which the incomparable Ollie Halsall plays some of the most incendiary guitar ever put on vinyl. Definitely to be played at my funeral!

Steve Miller Band - Your Old Lady: From the 'Revolution' movie soundtrack album. An absolutely superb hit of San Franciscan/Texan blues psych.

Steve Miller Band dans le film Revolution (1968)

There you go no Beatles or Jimi which I have to confess is sacrilege as they are my two favourite artists of all time. But I was trying to make it interesting.

A big psych-salute is due to Nick for his help with this. Coincidentally he'll be back on the blog via a Dear Diary entry later in the year. However - should you fancy catching him in action - he's backing Debbie Duveen and The Millbanks at the Hoxton Underbelly on January 26th - details here and here


drew said...

That Barry St John track is a belter.

Furtheron said...

great stuff

Mondo said...

You'll find it here Drew, watch for an even bigger belter from Vol 3 next week..

The Patto tune's a bit nifty isn't F-Ron?

ally. said...

blimey that's blown the clouds away. that bary st john thing is straight to the top of the magpie eyed list. ta guvs
and gee but a bit of laurel canyon would go down nicely right now

Five-Centres said...

Loving Barry. Need to know more. Lovely selection.

Mondo said...

Wait ' til you hear the rocking cover from a South African soul singer next week. Ally, Scorchio!

I haven't got Volume 1 (yet)FC so no sleeve notes but you can get a Barry biog here

Ishouldbeworking said...

Another one hear for Barry!!

John Medd said...

Ollie Halsall, bless 'im, was the musical brains behind The Rutles; Eric Idle was his 'body double' and poor Ollie only got a walk on part as Leppo, the 5th Rutle. Great set of tunes btw.

Carl said...

Love the Psychic Circle label. Especially the Blow Your Cool comps and A Visit To The Space Ship Factory, White Lace and Strange, A Room Full Of Loud etc, check em out if you like prog and psych. Great choices here too. Proper music.

davy h said...

That Barry St John track is a belter [2].

Mondo said...

All for the Barry blow out - rocker innit!

I never knew that John, have you checked out any of Nick's Bevis tunes. This one's a good point to jump on High in a Flat

Thanks for the tips Carl I'll check out..

John Medd said...

That Barry St John track is a belter (3)

tony said...

Nick Saloman always suits my taste.
Can't wait to hear the next Bevis album.

cheers Tony from Switzerland

Mondo said...

Criminally I don't know much of Nick's Bevis output. Any recommendations on where to start Tony?