Tuesday, January 11, 2011

12 x 12: Sex, Drugs & Sweet Perversions

A new monthly feature starts on the blog today 12 by 12. Twelve 12" singles posted by 2012. You'll know most of them - not that I'm entirely sure what 'most of them' will be yet. But it's a playlist that's sure to shape up with a few extended rarities, oddities and possibly, in some cases - classics..

We'll kick off with a 1979 double A-sider bagged just a few months back - Patrick Duvet, who, until last week I thought was Patrick 'I Love America' Juvet: the whispy-pitched, dungaree lovin' Friso-Disco star. Apparently not though...so any info on this Patrick (Duvet) please shout!

My guess - he's French: Disques Clouseau label and sleeve notes en francais.. and is it me or would these two tracks make a perfect fit for some Scissor Sisters style swishery...

Patrick Duvet & His Sweet Perversions - Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll

Patrick Duvet & His Sweet Perversions - Wake Up And Make Love To Me


Cocktails said...

Hello Mondo. I know nothing about Mr Duvet, but I sure love his name! Not entirely convinced by his take on Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll. The other one is a good groover though.

Mondo said...

Hello Cocktails - good to see you back! Wake Up - is another Ian Dury number. You'll find the original on the B-side of What a Waste and opening the New Boots album

Mick said...

My guess is he's not French. 'Duvet' and 'Disques Clouseau' sound more like a parody to me. I'm glad you shared these but neither is a patch on their original.

office pest said...

Oui, the cat number 'Disques Clouseau MERDE 1' would indicate an in-industry parody. The comments in the blog post attached below confirm this.

Any interesting annotations on the run out band?

Try this from a French blogger, auto-translate gets you the gist:


Mondo said...

You're right Mick not as good as the orig', but worth logging in the blog for curiosity value. Something more trad next month..

I don't speak French OP so sort of reading between the auto translation ~ yes does seem a bit of a parody.

The sleeve notes are here if you fancy a peep..

Run out text is Merde

office pest said...

The comment on that blog post tells all Mondo

"" Sounds like Patrick Duvet, the problem is that Patrick Duvet has never played with Sweet Perversion (as you suspected)!
but it is worse than what you imagine:
Busked, well, recorded, mixed and produced by my Apple Studios Pathé Marconi in Paris Pont-de-Sèvres. Completely made in France.
I do remember even more!
It was a "coup" commissioned to make a laugh by EMI and Constantin and completed in one day.
It's not a bad memory: it was a parody of disco (that we hated) pressed to very few copies, it had to be produced to piss Ian Dury off as a gift for for his birthday! We had the means at the time.
I dare not listen now;
I was unaware that the track had been exploited "seriously" by Virgin and named for this "Patrick Duvet" that was added. If you want details about this "rarity", I have the original pressing in it's superb minimalist orange packaging under the title SWEET PERVERSION (and without P Duvet!) that sleeps in my disco.
Zac. ""

office pest said...

'Zac' being Michael Zacha of course, the producer.

Mondo said...

Top work OP that's it nailed then and a play on the name of of Patrick Juvet

Furtheron said...

Not as good at the originals but not bad covers - bass playing isn't bad and the funky guitar is good too

Mondo said...

Hard to beat The Blockhead's Norman Watt-Roy on the bass, though - phew he's the kiddie (and did the bass on Frankie Goes To Hollywood early redcordings)

Piley said...

Weird! Never heard of these (or him) before.

Odd that although he's changed the style of the originals, they also somehow don't sound that far away from them either. Guess that Norman Watt Roy thumping bass could have easily filled the 70's disco floor...

Ishouldbeworking said...

Nope, I tried listening to these three times (I'm nothing if not stubborn), but it was aural agony for me each time. Still, bless you for digging 'em out!

Mondo said...

Do you remember the Black Arabs Pistols reworks P?

Take 'em with a big pinch of camp ISB ~ and bear in mind they are parodies: think Red Lipstique