Friday, March 23, 2012

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth...

Pop Culture Quiz:  

Which pop star once worked for Marvel UK?

Who was the light entertainment star that, before becoming a comedian - began his career as a comics illustrator

Why do so many super villains favour purple and green duds?

Which actual American legends were Iron Man/Tony Stark and Green Lanter/Hal Jordan modelled on?

Why is it, that only the handful of married superheroes are those with the ability to extend body parts to extraordinary lengths - or vibrate at super speed?

Find the answers to these and other comicana conundrums in the Podrophenia - Superheroes:Treasury Edition. Although I forgot to chip in my Stan Lee story - when Smilin' Stan said 'Hi guys'  to Mrs M, the Mini Ms and myself........

Radio Podrophenia - Superheroes

As Mark Millar wrote in Turf 'The word is Ferd' - comics, capes, cowls and superdoings generally - have become such big business and multi industry money-spinners, that the suits are now faking nerd. Ferds...

Although for Piley and I, as well as our guests Paul Range Dye and Simon Monk we wear our 'Sing If You're Glad to be Geek' badges with pride.In fact we may very well be pinning them on lapels and suchlike as we gather together tonight, along with some of the Podrophenia panel (Marmite, Phil Hubbs, Dan) for a viewing of Simon's Secret Identities exhibition hosted at Pouch of Douglas,

If you're local-ish, why not whizz your way over to take in the full glory of Simon's spectacular artworks from 7 tonight..

Simon Monk documentary....
Simon Monk Secret Identity from Christopher Harrup on Vimeo.

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