Friday, March 2, 2012

Davy Jones' Rocker

£8.49 this cost me back in the eighties!

Sad news the death of Davy Jones, the pocket sized pop star and tambourine banger in *the* Best Boy Band - ever. I can't better John Robb's piece - so I'll remember him with a repost... 

RIP another legend lost

I've been on something of a Monkees buzz after reading this recent trigger from BLTP. Although I really can't understand why it's taken me almost two years to log some Monkee magic in the blog.

Retrospectively the amount of sniffery and snears directed towards The Monkees as they took their place in sixties pop society, seems almost hard to believe now given the quality of the catalogue, the pedigree of their legacy and the roll call of heavy-hitters happy to sit in with them - Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Neil Diamond Goffin/King. Oh, and then there's Brixton's David Jones having to rebrand himself as David Bowie to avoid any confusement

And Stepping Stone later being re-punked by the Sex Pistols - not bad for a band originally pegged as pop-puppets .

Listen To The Band
A funky little number with a fake ending..

For Pete's Sake
A tune occasionally used as a show-closer

Mary Mary - The Strangers
I only realised this was written by Mike Nesmith while looking at the label last week. As much as I love The Monk's version, this slightly thumpier rework just pips the original for me

You can grab an mp3 of Paperback Believer right here


Furtheron said...

never understood why they were so sneered at there were many many examples of manufactured bands from all over the show then ... I always thought they had a great sound

Funny as well for a manufactured band they sure lasted a long time with the reunions etc.

Mondo said...

A fab band - with a walloping back catalogue. I really should check out the albums at some point