Friday, June 22, 2012

Punk Britannia Live - TV Smith at The Railway tonight...

The evening has finally rolled around, the hour is upon us, and at last we're standing inside the inky red ring on the calendar that marks tonight's Punk Britannia shakedown. A last call goes out for all Southenders, locals and grockels who fancy taking in three shades of punk-pumped performances live at The Railway.

What's on the agenda: Piley and I warm up the room with some Podrophonic crate-dabbing from 7. Dick York of Crysiss kick starts the live agenda at 8pm

Andy J Gallagher patrols the mid-set slot with a three piece band

And the headlining tonights triumvirate of top rockers - the platinum plated legend that is TV Smith.

We've heard a scramble of shifting whispers and knowing nudges hinting at special guests and gig-goers who may be milling about Railway-wise tonight - but I'm saying nothing and staying zipped .

A special mention and honk of the Podrophenia klaxon goes out to John Medd. who, has put in the hours and legwork to migrate southwards from Yorkshire to Southend for this gig. Glasses will be raise in his direction. And Steve Retroman and Steve Pegrum for threading the event together.

So, eight o clock it is - we'd love to see you shaking your communal legs, or bothering us to spin in a tune ( that we probably haven't got).

You may remember last week's mention of an interview with Southend's finest news source - the Evening Echo, take a slow squint below for the hard copy, or click here for the digi edition.

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