Friday, June 1, 2012

It's all Adverts

The BBC fires off the opening shots of its Punk Britannia trilogy tonight at 9 on BBC 4, and continues this celebratory trajectory by way of a documentary at 11, We Who Wait centering on the Devon/Essex contingent of the class of 77 - The Adverts . It's one of the few (read: three) 'ma’amageddon' programmes that The Scotsman have recommend - review here.

So, a royal result then, that punk troubadour T. V. Smith heads up the second Retroman and Podrophenia team-up taking place on June 22nd at Southend's Railway Hotel built around a lineup of vintage and new punk-powered acts. Andy J Gallagher and Roman Jugg filling out the middle - and Dick York opening the evening.

Around the bands Piley and I will be doing our usual brand of Podrophonic crate-dabbing, spinning winners, wallopers and curiosities throughout the night, which, should be a rip-roaring, rocker of a tear-up if our previous Len Price 3 shindig is anything to go by...

If you fancy hearing the Podrophenia ident T.V. Smith kindly recorded for Radio Podrophenia, lend an ear to Tuesday's Radio Podrophenia: covers - our first Anniversary edition...

Radio Podrophenia: covers

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