Friday, August 24, 2012

The revolution will not be televised. But it will be publicised

Backing the USSR 'n' B

To borrow an opening line from fellow estuary dwellers the Stones 'Summer's here and the time is right for fighting in the street' 

Fighting in a War of Position way that is - and in keeping with the spirit of legendary Essex revolutionary Wat Tyler - Piley and I are grinning like loons to toot 'n' hoot, long-haul Podrophonic favourites Thee Faction are coming to The Railway Hotel for their first Southend appearance on September 8th. 

If you haven't lent a left ear to Thee Faction's songbook - think: Dr Feelgood's gritty rhythmic drive with a brassy northern soul snap by way of an actual real-live horn section. 

Just don't take our word for how hot-rocking the band are (both on record and live) - check the rave reviews coming in across the full spectrum of media streams

 “Terrific stuff. Well done! Here, we celebrate the successes of the working class” Danny Baker,

"bringing down the Tories one song at a time” The Guardian 

"100% fun AND they 100% mean it, man. Catch live!” Classic Rock 

“..barricade storming, smart, fun, instantly energising” Daily Mirror 

“Timely. I love these mad bastards” Simon Price, The Independent on Sunday 

Twinning Dr Feelgood and eastern-bloc rockin’ beats … to rabble-rouse your mind and Agit-prop your pop” Vive Le Rock (alright, this one's me actually)

“What a cracking record” Kerrang! 

Piley and I will be rolling out our third Podrophenia Roadshow, slotting in stompers, soulers, groovers and rock-a-doodle-doers across the evening and around the bands - as also on the bill are Southend's rockingest revolutionaries Eight Rounds Rapid

And behold - an exclusive. A sneak preview of the unreleased lead off track 'Soapbox' from the upcoming Faction album 

Salut - and let's rally round and gather together on September 8th at The Railway Hotel for a night of revolution, rhythm and record spinning.

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