Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Podrophonic Alphabet. N is for...

Worra pair of Nankers

Back after a summer break, Piley and I roll out the 14th instalment of the Podrophonic Alphabet: N: for new tunes, new bands, New York, Piley's Newsround as well hoots 'n' toots for the third Podrophenia Live Night on September the 8th at Southend's Railway Hotel.  You'll find tracks from all three bands (Thee Faction, Eight Rounds Rapid and The Long Run) on the bill popped into this edition, as well what is a Nanker Phelge - see above.

We've also got a mystery theme tune, some natter about a night out with Hugh Cornwell and and a drop in appearance from Blow Up Records boss Paul Tunkin - so dig in and tell a pal!

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Podrophenia - The Letter N

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