Friday, September 7, 2012

Podrophenia Roadshow the third: Backing the USSR 'n' B

Calling all residents of the Podrophenia postocde: Saturday the 8th September, sees the third Podrophenia live leg-shaker, with Piley and I bringing you a tricolour of musical treats live at The Railway Hotel. A three way shakedown pooling together talent from all along the watchtower Thames Delta.

In the Canvey Corner: The Long Run. A fully formed band fronted by Darren Jones as seen on Podrophenia TV...

In the Southend Corner: Eight Rounds Rapid. As heard on Tom Robinson's 6music

In the London Corner: Thee Faction, a left dressing socialist, soul-stomping collective, hoofing all the way to opposite end of the estuary to showcase their new album - Singing Down the Government


Piley and I will be firing up the Railway radiogram between the bands spinning in funk, soul, covers, and curiosities.It all kicks off from 7pm - so come down and join in the jamboree


Simon said...

A facebook friend of mine (friend of a friend really)does their merchandise stall at gigs. She and you have a lot of mutual FB people. She's also a friend of Claire Woo as well.

Dumpster Dive 45's said...
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Devil Dick said...

'sup tiger!?1? long time no speak! rock on brother!


Mondo said...

Amazing - small world! She couldn't make Saturday, so Marmite Boy was Comrade Merch. You really should check out both bands, if you fancy some Len Price, Prisoners type sounds.

Hey Ho DD - how are things?