Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Autumn Interlude... part 1: Martyn Guitars

A seasonal salute is due to Davy Ghost for twitter-shouting these volumes from the autumnal archives

Autumn Falls

Autumn Tales

I'm overdue for the mix the third, but when I get round to harvesting in the acoustic goodies and golden strummings... this will be on the list

And worra result this morning - thanks to twitter catching itself aflame in an Amazon price-fault frenzy.

Mega-bargain! John Martyn the Island Years: a 17 CD box of studio albums, live, rare and unreleased, which should retail at 150 English... Some silius sodus had priced the MP3 DL at £7.50 - for 300+ tracks.

Luckily I bought and bagged it before they wised up and pulled the page...



cccathouse said...

Play.com we're doing it for £1.99

Anonymous said...

I think you've got yourself a bargain there.....