Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn interlude... part 3: Gazing through the fog to the other side

The third serving in this seasonal selection comes from Blitzen Trapper - 'Blitzen who?'they chorused...

Geographically the Blitzen call Portland, Oregon home. Musically the Trappers are parked midway between Wilco and Teenage Fanclub - pitching out albums of country, power pop and almost bubbleglam on the glitzier bits of the back catalogue..

But today's BT taster comes from 2008's Furr - a country-noir tale of grim business and murderous jailbirds

Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer from Luke Norby on Vimeo.

 And from the latest album VII



Anonymous said...

Never heard of them, but will be investigating. Black River Killer is a belting track.

John Medd said...

That's riveting. Don't know about a back catalogue, more of a black catalogue; they'll be going on my ipod later today - nothing's so sure.

Mondo said...

Cheers all - I'd say, start with Furr, work your way through American Goldwing, Destroyer of the Void snd grab the Black River Killer EP also

cccathouse said...

Black river killer is a great tune if a bit dark even for Autumn