Thursday, May 15, 2014

There's good rocking tonight: Barrance Whitfield and Podrophenia - live from The Railway Hotel, Southend.

Double-decking in all senses is the menu tonight at Southend's most musical boozer - The Railway Hotel

Downstairs: the rip-roaring rootsy rocking of Barrance whitfield and The Savages, with support from the hammond-heavy Mo' Fingers. Between the two yours truly is spinning some sassy sounds.

Upstairs: in the crows nest, and SFOB HQ - Piley and Dan the Bacon Man, bring you the merry May edition of Podrophenia - themed around the Letter T, with music from Thee Faction, a world exclusive from The Mutants and - a live session from Darren Jones.


But will we able to mind-meld these two time-zones together and nip-in a Barrance/Jones team-up. Who knows?

Find out live tonight from 8 right via SFOB. And should you fancy grabbing the April edition of Podrophenia. Dig in here avids....or via iTunes

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