Sunday, September 1, 2019

Podrophenia No Theme with Rob Glazebrook and Pete Zear

There was so much to load into this month's Podrophenia - rock, roll, punk, blues, dodgy disco and perfect pop we didn't even have the space to squeeze in a theme....

Rob Glazebrook gives us the news on his R 'n' R festival taking place at The Railway in September - spins in a freshly pressed Broadkasters single - and DJs some crackers from his own record collection

Kev Daintree and Pete Zear swing in to give us the info and spin in Pete's '79 single Tomorrow's World (featuring The Ruts on rhythm section, Alf and Susan Ryder Paget on backing vox) produced by Rat Scabies - which has now been rerecord by tranarchist glam-punks T Bitch

Not-so-Tiny Piley brings us up to speed with his summer travels, train tips and takes over the decks for a couple of recommended records Ian Piley and I pitch in with a disco refit of Pink Floyd, and a cut from the new David Woodcock album Fill up your listening lugs below


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