Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Eno's Best

Eno is a genuine genius we all knows that – but because of his colossal catalogue of influence and output, Eno’s fizzy inventiveness as a lyricist is often overlooked. Weighty, worthy and well crafted wordplay is all well and good (Andy Partridge and Ian Dury being two personal faves) but it takes a unique skill to join the dots in a rhyming dictionary with lyrical skits that scan, bubble and bounce like a Gilbert and Sullivan set piece.

'Seven Deadly Finns' is a single only release from 1974, with a guitar solo that that sounds like a prototype for Bowie's 'Boys Keep Swinging'
There's a great piece on 'Seven Deadly Finns' here

Seven Deadly Finns.mp3

'RAF' the flip side to 'King's Lead Hat', (an anagram of Talking Heads) was co written and stars Judy Nylon - one of the cover girls on the 'Seven Deadly Finns' picture sleeve.
Yikes it's like a Möbius strip!

King's Lead Hat.mp3

Selected lyrical highlights?

'Seven Deadly Finns'
The “work it out like Norbert Weiner” backing vocal

'Kings Lead Hat'
“The biology of purpose keeps my nose above the surface”

If you're in the mood for some shiny new electrickery - why not lend an ear to the brand new band and synth fiddlers Baltic Fleet , whose '3 Dollar Dress' is a robot rocker


Davy H said...

I've never heard 'Finns' so FANKS.

If we save our pocket money and buy 'Oblique Strategies' maybe we can write things like Brian too(though I doubt it *sigh*.

Roman Empress said...

I've been reading 'a year, with swollen appendices' Brian Eno's diary. Just opening a page at random now, it's full of mini gems:

5 July
'Fax from Anthea saying I've been asked to present the Turner Prize this year. She thinks I should do it'.

Presumably, not THAT Anthea?

Planet Mondo said...

Davey - it's a long lost Glam anthem (Glamthem?)isn't it? I've always fancied a set of the OS cards *makes note to trawl Ebay* - have you checked out 'Here Come The Warm Jets'? Best not to ask where the title comes (or 'Golden Hours' for that matter).

I'd forgotten all about that book,
*makes 2nd note to trawl Ebay* I think Andrea is his wife/manager

WeirdGear said...

this one sits up there with Here come the Warm Jets which he ripped out of the hands of roxy music, releasing it 3 weeks after he left brian ferry et al

Planet Mondo said...

Hey Weird Gear I recognise you from myspace, your bang on about that. Don't forget to check back regularly as I'll posting more Eno including rarities and remixes soon.

PS have you checked out the Baltic Fleet stuff - it's very good you know