Friday, March 14, 2008

Funky Friday - Before They Were Famous

It's a Mod Mod Mod world on Funky Friday this week, and a celebration of the first steps of all things swishy, swinging and sixties...In the red Mini - there's a fistful of early doors appearances from proto popsters performing soul stompers here on Planet Mondo

In the white Mini - 'Cool Britannia' a bespoke 'Funky Mod Mix' - 45 minutes of 45s, rarities, obscurities and cinematic tracks is available for download by way of Fu Fu Stew

And in the blue Mini - a selection of blues boom guitar a go-go goodies and my big bang theory of rock are up for grabs in more guest blogging over on The Axe Victim

So the pre fame fruggery and funkiness comes in the form of light entertainers and lungbusters like...

David Essex - yes him from 'Rock On' 'Tahiti'and 'Nightclubbing' getting all Northern Souly

David Essex - So-Called Loving.mp3

Elkie Brooks - yes her from 'Pearl's A Singer' and 'Lilac Wine' sounding just like a proper Ronette.

Elkie Brooks - The Way You Do.mp3

And the atomic Tom Jones huffing, puffing and bellowing the house down on his first single 'Chills and Fever'

'Chills and Fever' is part of the ''Cool Britannia' mix (available at )Fu Fu Stew which continues the 'Before They Were Famous' theme, with appearances from Quincy Jones, Lulu, Tony Newman (later working with Bolan and Bowie), Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker as the rhythm section of The Graham Bond Organisation.

Here's the full menu and a two minute taste test

Michael Caine on Swinging London
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Cool Britannia
The Small Faces - Grow Your Own
Georgie Fame - Somebody Stole My Thunder
Graham Bond Organisation - Long Tall Shorty
Tom Jones - Chills And Fever
Loose Ends - Taxman
Bo Street Runners - Drive My Car
Lulu - Feelin' Alright
Jack Bruce – The Ministry Of Bag
Shotgun Express - Curtains
The Shadows - Scotch On The Socks
The Kinks - Brainwashed
Quincy Jones - It's Caper Time
Lord Sitar - I Can See For Miles
The Who - Heatwave
Zoot Money - Uncle Willie
Tony Newman - Let The Good Times Roll
Keith Mansfield - Young Scene (Theme from The Big Match)
The Italian Job -Getta Bloomin' Move On! (The Self Preservation Society)

So get on over and fill your Chelsea boots with 'Cool Britannia'

Jude Rodgers also has some sixties glossy pop amazingness from a very young Gloria Hunniford


Simon said...

Cool. That's an interesting little mix. I'll get it on my iPod immediately!!!! :)

Planet Mondo said...

Simon please do - I've got to admit I'm super duper pleased with
it. I've dropped a couple of speech bits in Michael Caine, Brian Matthews - and was buzzing to find the "some fans are on the pitch..." clip for the end but couldn't track it down anywhere.

There were also a couple of tracks
early Bowie, Rod Stewart, Johns Children that never made the final mix so I'll probably load them up later

The Beat Collector said...

Awesome mix Dave, I love it!

BLTP said...

It's all a bit London centric what about us Northern Mods we did "put the Ska into Scarborough!"
;) I shall listen to all this over the weekend good stuff

Roman Empress said...

My God, the amount of times my numerous siblings and I were kept awake by Elkie blasting from the 'party' downstairs. Mum, Aunty Kath, Aunty Wendy, Old man Francis from next door, getting on down to the Elkie.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks Matt now you're not just saying that to stop my usual Friday Facebook and Myspace spamfest are you?

BLTP this posting may be a bit heavy on the southern side, but I try to redress the balance in the text to go with this mix here..
"Mod music had started to fill floors in north of England after receiving regular plays from promoters like Peter Stringfellow at the Black Cat and other DJs at The Wigan Casino, The Twisted Wheel, and Blackpool Mecca where the devoted following to obscure R n B, Soul and Motown tunes eventually became known as Northern Soul"

RE - I only found this Elkie a go go track a few months back so it's new to me. If you get the chance check out the Lulu track in the mod mix a real roof raiser - there's a clip of it in the two minute trailer

Simon said...

Have you sent a copy of the mix to Michael Caine? It is his birthday today after all. I woke up to a clip from The Italian Job on the tv this morning.

Simon said...

Should add, it's a great mix. It's playing in my house right now!

Simon said...

And that Lulu track is a stormer...she sounds great. Didn't realise I knew the tune though...Traffic...Weller did a version of it as a b-side in the 90s. Nowhere near as good. Nowhere near.

Planet Mondo said...

Unreal I never knew that about Micheal Caine he never mentioned on his out his blog 'The ghost of Electricity' ;)- glad it's hitting the spot for you, and yeah the Lulu track is a belter.

There's another mix here if you fancy giving it a blast more 80's and 80's a go go though

Vincent the Soul Chef said...
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Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Lots of traffic Dave. Thanks for participating, and if you all like that, then you'll also dig this one from the mighty Funky 16 Corners...

I need to learn how to do HTML tags... I'll get a book from the library this weekend.

Peace and blessings.

BLTP said...

Pm if i can get clean bit i'll dig out "a some of the crowd" sample for you should be on "world in motion "12"

Planet Mondo said...

BLTP - that would be the cherry on top.

I've sequenced it so that as soon as Young Scene(theme from The Big Match finishes) the "England clap, clap,clap" chants from 'Self Preservation start - would be fantastic to add that on the fade out.

Amanda and Jeremy said...

I just found this blog. This is great. Thanks for all the great stuff on here.

Devil Dick said...

Killer stuff!

That Tom Jones track is wicked good!!!

Planet Mondo said...

A and J thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to pop back there's plenty more winners on the way.

It's worth checking out another early TJ tune if you can find it -Dr Love.

There's a real Northern nugget from him here too - 'Stop Breaking My Heart'

Piley said...

top notch stuff mondo. Great article over on Axe's site too - reckon you got the lot there... if only Sir Michael of Caine had made a couple of tunes in the 60's! How about John Steed? he made that Kinky Boots record??!

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks P - funnily enough I do have Aa'Caining It' post lined up for a Funky Friday slot one week - see if you can guess what tunes will be on the menu ?

Amanda and Jeremy said...

Thanks for the links. You've inspired me to start doing this myself.-J

ally. said...

fabulosa duckie - the weekend has been full of this and david essex, hell who'd've thought?

Planet Mondo said...

Duckie - I likes the sound of that, perhaps I'll change the blog name Planet Duckie. There's a couple more 'before they were...' lined up - and a cracking Kiki Dee one I'm after, but can't remember the name.