Monday, March 10, 2008

Themes To Be In Order

Davey had a funky one.

Mick had a classic one.

I'm slapping an unsung obscurity in my cyberspace scrapbook

John Barry - Orson Welles Great Mysteries.mp3

Info on the 'Orson Welles Great Mysteries' series is available here

I don't remember much about the show except the opening titles, where Orson seemed to be stepping out from some smoldering embers dressed as The Sandeman


Mick said...

Great stuff. You can't like The Persuaders and not this. I'm no expert but it sounds like the same instrumentation.

Davy H said...

Very, very distinctively JB but I've never heard it before Mond, nor do I remember the TV programme. Top find.

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks chaps, you'll never believe how I stumbled across this nugget - via a Benny Hill 1975 DVD featuring 'Great Mysteries with Orson Buggy' (there's also a great version of Old Grey Whistle test in it too)
Sorta takes the gloss of the gold but there you go.

Mick said...

Amazingly, I remember a story, I’m sure it was from this show. It went something like this: Man has lucky rabbit foot (or something) and is allowed three wishes. He wishes for £1000 and his son is killed but he gets £1000 compensation. He then wishes his son was alive and he gets ‘haunted’ by his son (although you never see him). Finally, at night there’s something banging on his door so he wishes his son dead and throws to foot on the fire causing him to go up in a puff of smoke. Cue Orson Welles: ‘What was the apparition at the door?’ etc all in 30 minutes. It spooked me a bit as a kid which is why I remember it.

Planet Mondo said...

Mick it sounds like The Monkey's Paw. This is a description of the episode

"11. The Monkey's paw (7 Sep 1974): A wish-fulfilling trinket brings ill-fortune to its unsuspecting owners. With Michael Kitchen, Megs Jenkins."

A version of the Monkey's paw story also made it's way into the Amicus film Tales From The Crypt

I had the same thing with a Thriller epidode One Deadly Owner - about a haunted Rolls Royce saw it at the time terrified me for years

dickvandyke said...

Blimey - that triggered a few juices and sluices in the sloshing memory banks.

It was one of the few dramas put out by Anglia TV.

Michael Palin did a fine piss-take of yer man on RIPPING YARNS - at the start of the wonderful 'Tompkinson's Schooldays'.


Mick said...

Great stuff. I loved the old Amicus portmanteau films. Where else could you find Peter Cushing, Alan Freeman, Roy Castle and Christopher Lee in the same film? I somehow always managed to miss 'Tales From The Crypt' or I would have spotted the similarity. I remember the hype at the time (in Monster Mag)was that Peter Cushing designed his own make-up. Cups from an egg carton painted black for the eye sockets, apparently.

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