Friday, July 4, 2008

Funky Friday - Hear The Drummer Get Wicked

Well we've given 'guitar' a go-go (although some ol' spoilsport's pulled the vid's since), thumbed around with 'bass cadets' , tinkled with 'keyboards' and covered 'vocals' - so how about those bad boys (or girls - check out Chaka Kahn here) at the back of the band then?

If you've ever fancied a go at air percussion or desktop drums - these two tunes are the perfect soundtrack to some fantasy flailing.

I've no idea who the anonymous bod banging out back beat in Pucho's band is, but, like all truly top drawer drummers he balances his heavy handed crash, bang, wallop with perfectly positioned breathing spaces. Check out the light but tight tension and small scale pauses teased into his demolition drum breaks during this flute tooting tear up.

Pucho And His Latin soul Brothers - 'Got Myself A Good Man'

Tony Newman is a legendary session drummer that's played with Bolan and Bowie (all three are seen in this clip) Jeff Beck and Donovan (all three can be heard on the Donovan's funky number posted last week).

'Let The Good Times Roll' is a full pelt belter with scattergun drums thunderpunching their way through this Northern Soul thoroughbred that gallops out of the traps like a Grand National winner - it can't surely be possible to pack any more action into 2:36 - can it?
Tony's non stop stomper was featured as part of the 'Cool Britannia' mix over at the Fu Fu blog(congrat's on your recent wedding Vince).

Tony Newman - 'Let The Good Times Roll'

And you just can't do a drummer post without an appearance from the 'The King of Sticks' Mr Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie who demonstrates the delicate difference between Salsa and Afro Cuban styles.


Davy H said...

That chap playing with Pucho's a bit useful innee?

Planet Mondo said...

He's atomic isn't he - I'm alawys amazed no one's ever sampled from this tune either.

Axe Victim said...

Drummers are a funny bunch. I've played with many in my short musical career. I've only ever met a few that I've liked playing with though.

Planet Mondo said...

AV - I used to be in a band with this bloke an incredible drummer and a really nice chap.

Can you imagine what it must have been like being in a band with Moon - phew!(On the left by the sideways sette in his Y-fronts)

Nanker said...

Hey, a Pucho sighting! Somehow, I ended up with his "Rip-A-Dip" album in my collection, which features a great, Latinised "Sex Machine" along with several other soul classics.

Piley said...

nice toons pm... where do you stand on the big ringo debate? was he just scouser who got lucky (and anyone coulda done it) or do you subscribe you the club that says actually, in an understated way, he wasone of the best...


Planet Mondo said...

Nanker - You're a star, that's next week's Funky Friday sorted right there 'Latin Lovelies'..

P No question about Ringo, no one else could've done it like him - he is the kiddie. Look at his work on Abbey Road (during the medley section) or the intro to Sgt. Pepper reprise, and his lazy shuffle style. Yeah he got lucky getting the gig, but The Beatles got lucky getting him. The music and dynamics would never have been the same without him.

Budd Schifrin said...

'Got Myself a Good Man' is a fantastic summer tune which was expertly sampled by Freakpower on the song 'Rush' - another summer anthem.
I have to say that as jazz (funk) drummers go, my two favs are Idris Muhammad and Paul Humphrey.
Muhammad’s album ‘Black Rhythm Revolution' is a must purchase with the funky as hell cover of James Brown's 'Superbad' and the rolling drums of the spiritual tune 'Wander'.
Paul Humphrey is simply a genius!! He was a session drummer that has worked with the likes of Eddie Harris, Mel Brown, Quincy Jones, Monk Higgins, Charles Kynard, Blue Mitchell, Jimmy Smith...the list is endless!! I highly recommend his contribution to the Jazz-Funk super group 'Afrique' - Check out the drums on 'House of the Rising Funk' - Awesome!!!!!

Planet Mondo said...

Budd - Idris Muhammad is another banging drummer (didn't he and work for Steely Dan as well as Bernard Purdie?) I don't know Paul Humphrey - but will definitely be checking him out.

PS have just grabbed 'Rush' - what a funky summer number.

Budd Schifrin said...

PM - You’ve made me do a Sherlock Holmes and scour the net to answer this one!
I found an excellent web article entitled 'The Drummers of Steely Dan'. It's a really good read.
Apparently Purdie and Humphrey have both worked for the band. Purdie on 'The Royal Scam' album in 1976 and both Purdie and Humphrey on 'Aja' in '77 (along with Rick Marotta) I haven’t listened to that album in years - I think I'll have to give it a go this week!

Budd Schifrin said...

Oh Yes!
I've just downloaded one of the best VA comps I've heard in ages!'Strange Breaks and Mr Thing' - fantastic funky drums!!!

planet mondo said...

Budd - Thanks for the Paul Humphrey tip, I've been tracking down bits via Youtube and digging round for his 'Cool Aid' album which sounds stunning.

Great article on ver 'Dan' drummers hose two S'Dan albums are so groovy 'I Got The News', 'Green Earrings' etc... - I'll have me a nosy for 'Strange Breaks and Mr Thing'

Budd Schifrin said...

Thanks PM

I've got the Cool Aid Chemist album and to be honest it's a little bit of a let down .It came out in 1971 and sounds rather dated, like an Atlantic/Stax type sound of the late 60's – soul jazz rather than funk.

I think his best work is on the Afrique’s ‘Soul Makossa’ album. This is available on iTunes (so you can have a listen first!). ‘House of the Rising Funk’ is also available on the VA comp ‘Block Party Breaks’ and ‘Ultimate Breaks and Beats’ Vol.20

Budd Schifrin said...

Check out

"House of the rising funk drumline - Bass (TFFOF) by PooG" on YouTube - Great stuff!!

Planet Mondo said...

Budd that bassline and playing is funktastic - I've just realised I've got Block Party Breaks 1 and 2 - DJ Pogo aren't they. Have you ever checked out any of the Funky Jams comp's from the mid 90's - red hot!

This has gotta be one of my fave pieces of bass busting play alongs - incredible.

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