Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pop Goes The Summer

The Good News
My Indiana Jones 'Raiders of the Lost Archives' quest to gather up golden nuggets, summer sweeties and snap crackle and pop tunes, has led me to possibly the hookiest band heard since Jellyfish - The Sonic Executive Sessions "Just 3 mates using some studio downtime to share their love for all things easy on the ear" is how they describe themselves - peddling peachy treats and marshmallow melters drizzled with hypnotic harmonies is how I'd describe them

The Bad News
There's no record deal, Sonic Exec's CDs or downloads available ( except for a cover of 'Hello' on the Jellyfish tribute album 'Sensory Lullabies')

The Happy Ending
But, being the thoroughly pleasant bunch of chaps they are, TSES have made one their tunes available for streaming right here - '17 (over you)', which spins and whips a pick 'n' mix blend of Beach Boys, Jellyfish, Ben Folds and late 70s singer songwriters like Andrew Gould and Gerard Kenny into a candyfloss confection of all things pop shaped and bubblegum coloured. Even good ol' Willy Wonka couldn't create treats as sweet as these.

The Sonic Executive Sessions '17 (over you)'

I'd also recommend taste testing 'Make Do' featuring Alessi over at The Sonic Executive Sessions MySpace site.

The Sonic Executive Sessions 'Hello'
TSES's cover of unreleased an Jellyfish tune, recorded for 'Sensory Lullabies'

The Quinn Martin Style Epilogue

I've been lending an ear to the Beach Boys 'Holland' and 'Sunflower' as suggested - 'Sunflower' is nosing ahead at the moment - mainly because of the ol' blab and jabber on 'Mount Vernon and Fairway'!


lil x said...

I can't get enough of these guy's PM - I was hooked after hearing 17...

Planet Mondo said...

It's so catchy isn't it - and those crazy layers of harmonies in the background - perfect for summer (well, anytime really).

Axe Victim said...

Dagnabbit I have to wait until my missus goes out later to listen "becasue she's watching the One Show." he says in a pissy accent. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!

It's me birthday on Thursday fella.

Tall J said...

Cool stuff as usual.

FWIW I'd be honored to do a Funky Friday sometime. Just let me know.

Planet Mondo said...

AV it may not be heavy enough for gnarly ol' rocker like yourself, but give it a go. Yeah - got your B'day bits sorted.

J - drop me a line (email details are on the sidebar, and we'll sort something out)

Cocktails said...

I've been suffering from a lack of audio recently, but what a sound to come back too. Love'Over You' in particular. Why, they're almost as good as Teenage Fanclub!!

Planet Mondo said...

Aren't the tunes gorgeous - it's like they're made only from Rainbow Drops

Piley said...

A true winner Mondo - oddly t'was you that got me into Jellyfish some 18 years ago! (fuk me that can't be right can it??!! scary!). This is great stuff.


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