Friday, November 28, 2008

Funky Friday - Apple Bonkers

31 Beatles tunes are buried in this illustration by Paul McDonald - how many can you spot?

Because a couple of the regular threads in my cyberspace scrapbook are The Beatles and Bootleg Remixes - it seems high time for the two to come together by digging out and polishing up a selection of the shiniest Beatle boots in my cellarful of noise for an FF post..

Including a fab four from Mark Vidler/Go Home Productions (the George Martin of mashups) where Annie Lennox, Jacko, The Monkees, and Blur all get bolted on to The Beatles, and Soundhog's (the George Harrison of hybrid-pop) uptempo edit of Eleanor Rigby and Soulsearcher's - 'Just Can't Get Enough'

So as the Hamburg audiences were given to shouting... "Mak Shau!,Mak Shau!"

And if you fancy grabbing a couple of mellow moptop mashups which blend The Beat's with The Beach Boys, Mogwai and Kid Loco - just click your Cuban heels

GHP - All My Birds

GHP - Rich Girls And Boys

GHP - Daytrip To Never Never Land

Soundhog - Eleanor can't get enough

Go Home Productions - Paperback Believer

The download for Paperback Believer is available right here


Keith said...

Hey Dave. Cool tunes. I really liked the video too. I've been listening to a lot more of the Beatles lately. Plus I've been a big Monkees fan for years. Today was Thanksgiving here. I just got home and I am stuffed. I ate way too much. I enjoyed those clips. That really made my night. Cheers!

Planet Mondo said...

After you've burnt off a few of those thanksgiving calories Keith - why not soothe you yourself with these

Cocktails said...

Bloody hell PM, is there no end to those top Mark Vidler tunes?!

ib said...

Are you sure there's only 31, Dave ? Are we going just by text here ?

Planet Mondo said...

Cocktails - I can't get enough of them, it's probably the only time you'll get Annie Lennox on this blog too

Psst, let you into a secret, I heard yesterday, Mark Vid' is working on new Christmas booty featuring Macca and Blondie - watch this space

And don't forgot to check out the two on the other side (link's in my first comment)

ib - I'm not sure if the text is included actually I've claimed 24 without it

Paul McDonald said...

Hello Planet Mondo!

heres a full run down of the 31 songs I've referenced in the piece...ok, deep breath.....

1. The End - text in border
2. Sun King - the sun wearing a crown in top left hand corner
3. Fool on the Hill - Dunce's hat just under Sun King
4.Glass Onion - the onion behind the dunces hat
5.Yellow Submarine - the submarine next to the dunces hat
6. Carry That Weight - the 100lb weight next to the submarine
7.Dig it - text and spade below submarine
8. Blackbird - underneath 'Dig It'
9.Lovely Rita - the parking meter that the blackbird is perched on
10.Strawberry Fields Forever - the strawberries next to the blackbird and parking meter
11. Revolution No 9 - the 9 on the back of the walrus
12. I am the Walrus - the walrus underneath the strawberries
13. All You Need is Love - the word 'LOVE' towards the bottom of the piece
14. Honey Pie - the pot of honey and the pie at the bottom of piece on the left hand side
15. Here, There and Everywhere - the 'here' is at the bottom on a wooden sign between the pie and the octopus, the 'there' is next to the blackbird to the right and the 'everywhere' is next to the pig on the right
16. Cant Buy Me Love - the 'Not For Sale' sign hanging off the word 'Love'
17.Octopus's Garden - the octopus in the bottom right hand corner
18.Happiness is a Warm Gun - the smoking gun just above the octopus's head
19.Back in the USSR - the hammer and sickle to the right of the walrus and just above the end of the word 'Love'
20. Piggies - the pig to the right of the piece
21.When Im 64 - the 64 is dripping off the bottom part of the helter skelter slide central to the piece
22.Helter Skelter - slap bang in the middle
23.Im Only Sleeping - represented by the Zzzz to the left of the pigs head
24.Paperback Writer - the typewriter above the pigs head
25.Help - written in morse code in a cloud to the left of the pigs head
26. A Day in The Life - represented by the Albert Hall and in text around the image of the Albert hall towards the top right hand corner
27. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - represented by the plane in the sky just above the Albert Hall with a 'Lucy' banner in tow
28.Good Morning, Good Morning - in text and represented by the ringing clock to the right of Sun King
29. being for the Benefit of Mr.Kite - the kite flying at the top of the helter skelter
30.Here Comes The Sun - the sun is just breaking through the top right hand of the helter skelter
31. Penny Lane - the barbers sign for Penny Lane Barbers is to the left of the helter skelter - to the right of Dig its spade

phew....Im glad I remembered all of them!! theres also a couple of additional Beatles references in there, the first being the apple in the middle of the helter skelter and the other being the 'Abbey Road' zebra crossing behind the walrus....
Hope your all enjoying the artwork as much as I enjoyed drawing it!!

ib said...

Nice illustration, Paul.

Planet Mondo said...

ib this is a personal fave from from Paul's site

Piley said...

What a great puzzler... thats the sort of thing that used to keep me going all over Crimbo in the 'double issue' melody maker, Sounds and NME!

The booties all sound pretty good too.


Planet Mondo said...

Thought it'd be up your Abbey Road - P, Did you ever catch those Xmas booties from last year?

Tall J said...

These are great. Love the G-N-R one the most.