Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thumbs N' Roses

A couple of rock's heaviest hitters have both released new albums within the last few days:

McCartney (as The Fireman) with 'Electric Arguments'
Axl Rose (as Guns N' Roses) with 'The Chinese Democracy'.

But what would the results have sounded like if they'd put their collective noggins together for a team-up (Maxl's Metal Hammer?) Perhaps something like...

DJ Jimmi James - Sgt. Pepper´s Paradise (short version)

DJ Jimmi James - Sgt. Pepper´s Paradise (long version)

And on a similar theme... The Cult and The Beatles in

Go home productions - She Sells Tax, Man

So let me introduce to you - a couple of other G N' R connections to the bands appearing in these two metal based booties.....

Guns N' Roses covered McCartney's 'Live And Let Die' on their "The Spaghetti Incident?" album

Axl was married to Erin Everley, the daughter of one of Macca's musical heroes Don Everly.

Matt Sorum drummer for G N' R and Velvet Revolver is a former drummer of The Cult, who, had Guns N' Roses as their opening act on a US tour in the eighties.

If this post doesn't get me blog-whacked nothing will.


Keith said...

Those were some cool tunes. I'll admit that I've never been that big a Paul fan. My favorite Beatle was always George.

I used to love Guns n' Roses. I haven't been impressed by what I've seen or not seen in the last few years. I've heard a lot of crap about their new album. I wonder if it's worth anything or not.

Cool idea for a post.

Phil Spector said...

Stick it to the man! Blog-whacking is the new black.

Nice Sanctuary/Taxman mix.

Keep on keepin' on!

Furtheron said...

I'm wondering about giving the new GNR a listen....

Can I be just really uncool... their debut album had some great tracks on it but in my opinion 50% of it I can do without, apart from odd tracks from then on it was a train wreck. However I heard the single the other day and it as okay.

Velvet Revolver - first album, some great tracks (Fall to Pieces is brilliant) second album not as good, now the singers left... Hmmm

Planet Mondo said...

Keith I was a terror for G N' R in their earlist days, about spring 87ish, one of my biggest regrets is not seeing them do their first UK date at the Marquee (a tiny UK club) as no one else knew them and wanted to go...

Thanks Phil it's from the 'Go Home Production' aborted sessisons, and I'll keep on blogging regardless - and why don't the inernet police start checking out the torrent types rather than us bloggers

Furtheron - I was heavily into it at the time (and all the similar bands - Faster Pussycat etc...), but bailed when Sweet Child came out - I sold all my earliest collectables on eBay a few years back and scored quite a healthy price...

Swineshead said...

It's times like this I wish I could get sound on my work PC without plugging in my headphones, conspicuously. Nice blog, by the way - Piqued pointed me here.

Planet Mondo said...

If you have to be discreet in the office SW - you can always do a 'take-away' and download the tracks for a crank later on - just click on the hyperlinked title in the post and and they're yours to fill your boots with

Istvanski said...

I'm pleasantly surprised at how many of these mash-ups work really well. Prodigy and Enya (Smack my bitch up, and er...that Enya song - Orinoco summat) is probably a faveourite.
There was another Guns'n'Roses song (Sweet Child O' Mine) which worked well with another song that I've forgotten.
I'll try and remember it after I have another hit of Sanatogen.

Planet Mondo said...

There's plenty more here if you fancy filling your boots IV including a few Pistols/punk mashups

PS - pop back for a batch of Beatles based ones tomorrow

And did you ever catch this one

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