Friday, December 11, 2009

Funky Friday - The Hardest Working Man In Snow Business

It's a Pop Quiz - I can guarantee - guarantee, you won't unmask the secret Santa performing the opener from today's sackful of goodies. Although, in all fairness he's mainly famous in the States. Full marks to Coops for putting this slice of fleet-footed festive funkery on my 'sleighdar'. Santa's Got A Brand New Bag is a cracker that shimmies and shakes likes James Brown on ice..

So what else is on the Christmas list today? The Godfather Christmas of Soul shaking a festive leg with Shrek and Boogaloo Santa busting full bearded moves.

? - Sock It To Me Santa

Brat - Funky Christmas

J.D. McDonald - Boogaloo Santa Claus


office pest said...

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band blips on my sleighdar, (arf) but is there a catch?

Mondo said...

Stunning stuff OP! And as good as there - it's Bob Seger And The Last Heard from 66/67..

Did you manager it without doing the Googledoodledoo

Cocktails said...

I was going to say that it sounds like a dodgy Bruce Springsteen.

And it is!

Keith said...

I was going to say I had no clue. lol I'm not as good as these things as some people. Love the tunes. Santa is the man. I hope he brings me lots of good gifts this year. :-)

Mondo said...

'Mazing Cocktails I wouldn't have even got close..I'm not normally a fan of the Springsteen/Seger sound..

PS Any plans for Christmas posts yourself?

All depends on what you've been up to Keith?

Cocktails said...

No, I don't think I'll do Christmas this year. But I've just posted some Loretta Lynn!

Mondo said...

Ooh, I'll be right over

Piley said...

haha! You owe Office Pest a pint, and looks like another slice of that hat for yourself Mondo!!

Great tracks tho, agree with cocktails on the Springsteen sound.

Top festive work!


office pest said...

Hi been out of comms since Mondo.

No not a goggle job, but I think I've heard this on one of those festive oddity radio progs, or buzzcocks or similar.

Nice selection.

'bout time we boarded for the bloogers outing ain't it?

Mondo said...

Yus, I'm gonna have to get munching on me Santa hat P

You'll find it on this cracking Christmas comp OP. And yes a blogmeet is due next year, are you up for it?

Coop said...

Check out King Salami and the Cumberland Three's rockin' version of "Sock It To Me Santa" out now on 7" on Dirty Water Records, it wails. So does the flip side "Black Santa".