Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Countdown To Christmas - Ho, Ho, Ho-down

The spirit of the season and a Christmas tingle finally took hold over the weekend. Fired by a medley of : the New York Dolls tinsel, glam and glitter at Friday's gig - how loud? Choco Girl popping by with homemade cards and crocheted tree trims. Piley, Coops and Marmite dropping round to record the Christmas podcast. A trip to my favourite pub decked out in festive finery and a rewatch of Scrooged starring NY Doll David Johansen as the cab-driving, stogie-chewing Ghost of Christmas past. All lit by a low-lying golden December sunlight.

All of which means it’s time to unwrap some winter warmers and set the yule blog ablaze by way of a blugrass shinding on Christmas Time's A Comin, and a ragtime tear-up on the jolliest, jauntiest version of Here Comes Santa Claus

The Grascals - Christmas Time's A Comin'

Big Tiny Little - Here Comes Santa Claus

Oh and the newly remastered It's A Wonderful Life has been bought and tucked away for a closer-to-Christmas treat..


Keith said...

Cool to see your blog get into the Christmas spirit too. Great post. I loved it. I've been listening to so much Christmas music lately. I've really been trying to enjoy this holiday season. Hope you will like all the posts I do at my blog. Next week I start doing some at my Sugar and Spice blog too. Cheers!

Piley said...

The 3 boxes of Piley Christmas albums were official unveiled this weekend, so am gettin into it here too!

Look forward to hearing a few more treats before the month is out... but maybe not Tom McRae!


Martin said...

Great stuff. Loved the Grascals track. Trust you've downloaded the Rolf Harris/Rick Parfitt Christmas treat ready for the festivities.

Mondo said...

Oh yes, there's plenty more seasonal sounds to come yet Keith..

Glum McRae, he's bit of a Grinch isn't he .. are you gonna post any navidad nuggets on your blog P?

Downloaded and embeded the vid at the bottom of this very post Martin. I'm sure that's Harris and Parfitt isn't it?

Furtheron said...

Love the Jugband!!

Funny by some weird quirk of something I just posted about Christmas as well, must be the time of year or something

E F RICE said...

Hello PM, what is your favourite pub do tell ?

Plough and Sail Paglesham does it for me this time of year, tucked in at the weekend.

Mondo said...

It's The Mayflower in Old Leigh, click on the link in the posty to check out. What a fab place it is..