Friday, December 4, 2009

Funky Friday - These Are A Few Of My Favourite (Soul) Things...

As featured in Kill Bill

You may remember a while back we posted Keith Mansfield's 'Lola' sound-a-like Soul Thing on the blog. It's a track that's popped, shuffled and randomised it's way into becoming one of my most played tunes of the year. Which, is why when Adam from Fades In Slowly kindly invited me to find five tunes for his Festive Fifty - Soul Thing was a shoo-in.

Digging deeper into variants of Soul Thing becomes a cat's cradle of endless editions: orchestral, strings, stereo and mono madness. However, I won't slump your shoulders with every available flavour - but, guide you to selection of covers, reworks and highlights..

James Royal's Vocal version! With lyrics n'everything

James Royal - House of Jack

Tony Newman's Hammond fired hip-shaker

Tony Newman - Soul Thing

Keith Mansfield retitled versh. Refitted with funkmungous breaks and brass

Keith Mansfield - Funky Fanfare

And the theme to 'The Queen Street Gang'? No, me neither


Cocktails said...

A fine start to a Friday morning Mondo. I really like the Queen Street Gang version - its like a stoner version of Soul Thing!

chocolategirl64 said...

funny I'm playing thievery corporation and that qsgang version could be right on there!
good call mr m as ever

Mondo said...
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Mondo said...

My prefered versh overall is still this fluid-fingered versh. But Tony Newman's take with Alan Hawkshaw on keys has all the swish you could ever need, although The KPM Records - Beat Incidental version of Funky Fanfare (small group) is worth a pop too..

I'll have to retry the Arzachel's arrangement, it's not quite clicked with me yet ..

And I must try more thievery corporation Choco - Ps how was Eddie Izzard? I've read mixed reports..

entrailicus said...

You've got me excited now, so when can I hear the rest of your choices?

Mondo said...

Is that the rest of my Soul Thing collection Adam? I've got an LP Version, the KPM version and I'm trying to track down a booty remix based around Funky Fanfare(KPM vs. DJ Drama)..

PS have I mailed you my five for the festive fifty ?

Keith said...

Wow. What a great start to the weekend. This was right up the alley of what I wanted to hear today. Have a fantastic weekend. Cheers!

Neil Q said...

It's medically impossible to have anything against Keith Mansfield's output - do you have the album that Soul Thing was released on, All You Need Is Keith Mansfield? His track Boogaloo could level a field of trees in an instant - absolutely devastating.

Just stumbled on this, apols if you've seen it already - Mansfield & Hawkshaw doing Grandstand live. I could cry.

Mondo said...

Glad it's rocking your boots Keith..

Oh, that clip is G.E.N.I.U.S. Have you heard the Bowie At The Beeb version of Heat of the Morning with Alan Hawkshaw on keys ~ spectacular. Also Mark Vidler's mashup Grandstand Supreme is well worth a peep..

Keith said...

Hey there. How are you today? Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. I did have a great birthday. I hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

Gabbi said...

I love all the versions of the song! Growing up my mom was a HUGE Bruce Lee fan... she'd take my sis and I to see the films as soon as they were released (often without any subtitles in the Chinatown area of LA) and I remember that beginning... such flashbacks.

Wonderful post as always, hope you're having a great weekend!

Mondo said...

All good here Keith..

Bruce Lee films, I was mad about them Gabbi. I had all the posters long before I saw one. My first visit was a double bill of Way of the Dragon and Fists of Fury - kapow!!