Friday, January 29, 2010

Funky Friday - A Guy Named Sue

Not 14/6 - but £7 from Ebay! (What is 14/6 - I make it £2.06?)

He's had mentions in a couple of recent bloggings - so it seems only fair that Guy Stevens gets a post of his own...

A legendary DJ working out of Soho's Scene club, during the first steps of London's mod movement. Guy Stevens record collection was, famously, the UK's largest library of imported soul singles and R 'n' B rarities. A vinyl archive that landed him with a double whammy of soul consultancy - cover versions advisor to The Beatles, Stones, Small Faces and The Who. And, recuited by Chris Blackwell to oversee the soul sister label to Island - Sue Records.

The This Is Sue comp was a budget release compiled by Guy to showcase Sue tunes. I've not seen it documented anywhere, but would guess the title is a response to Atlantic's This Is Soul comp. All today's tracks have been ripped from my very own copy of This Is Sue (14/6)

Roy Head - Treat Her Right

Barbra Lynn - Oh! Baby

Jimmy McGriff - The Last Minute

After serving a drug-related prison sentance (and having his record collection nicked while in nick) he went on to work with (and name) Mott The Hoople, Procul Harum and produce The Clash's London Calling

Dig those crazy leg-actions

Or the Tom Jones versh is here..


davy h said...

Nice. The Clash even wrote a song about him...

Guy you've finished the booze
And you run out of speed
But the wild side of life
Is the one that we need.

Mondo said...

Now there's a post waiting happen - songs written about actual people
*sounds of furious brain-scrabblings while trying to think of some*

Furtheron said...

I make 14/6 equal to 72.5p

A pound had 20 shillings didn't it? That's why in old days after decimalisation shillings continue to circulate in use as 5p coins. A shilling was 12 old pennies so a sixpence (or a Brian May plectrum) was half a shilling i.e. 2.5p... remember the olf half pennies?

londonlee said...

Crikey, I used to have that.

What the hell did I do with it?

Mondo said...

You're right F-Ron - Half P's? Oh yes - we used to have photocopy style ticket machines on our local buses. Put the pennies in and it would print your ticket, the competition was to get the longest ticket - I've still got mine over a meter lomg made using half pence pieces

Dig it out Lee - you 'll get 25 earth pounds for it on Ebay

drew said...

Class tunes Mondo.

I haven't a clue about old money so I'll just have to take you old guys word for it.

ally. said...

bought on the beauty of the cover loved for years - what a guy...

and I'd finally the clash production choiceakes sense

Top class mr m


Mondo said...

They had to make PIFs to explain to decimalisation to ol' giffers like me and F~Ron..

Scorcher isn't is Ally ~ it's a gem of comp..

Mick said...

You mentioned Sue on a post a few weeks back and it didn't ring any bells but that picture of the album sleeve brought the memories flooding back. That album used to be everywhere probably because of the price.

Mondo said...

I didn't know this at all until reading the Island biog (although I already owned a couple of Sue Story CDs ~ very good)..

Do you remember the Virgin one 'Cash Cows', it seemed to be everywhere in the late 70s..