Friday, January 22, 2010

Funky Friday - Island Girls

Unintentionally, last Friday's label-mates turned out to be a grizzled and glittered bunch of blokes, gathering together: ska stars, frizzy hippies and space-rockers.

Today, let's try a tour of the Ladies Department. There's a rich history and roll call of role models to pick and mix from: Millie Small with My Boy Lollipop was one of Island's earliest stars - but Sandy Denny, Linda Thompson, P J Harvey, Amy Winehouse have also been Islanders at one time or another. So, picking up from where last week's timeline left off..

Betty Davis (married to Miles), grunts, grinds and bumps like Buckaroo over a groove-o-matic soundtrack of popping bass lines, fidgety riffing and fatback drums.

Nasty Gal - Betty Davis

Did you know Slits singer Ari Up is John Lydon's step-daughter? Of course you did. The grrrl gang's going over of Grapevine still sounds daisy-fresh, and as contemporary as any new tune you'll hear in-store at Rough Trade.

The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Reggae rhythms, Caribbean cool, transworld trendiness and art-scene sparkle make this one of my most played Grace Jones tunes.

PS forgot to mention - we saw the original of this Warhol Pop Life last Sunday


ally. said...

what a selection - you've outdone yourself (and that's saying something) really you have. if anyone can come up with a more beautifully bananas threesome as that i'll.. well i'll be very suprised indeed. genius maestro

Mondo said...

It's a bit pick 'n' mix up isn't it..

Have you got the Betty Davis album? If not keep your peepers out for it. It's that good all the way through.

davy h said...

Phew. Betty's not feckin' around is she?

Mondo said...

Fiesty Funk - thank God for the Eno evening tonight to soothe any jangled nerves. I've been to the pub shown in the show (Sorrel Horse), we used to camp a few yards up the road from it.

Piley said...

can't beat a bit of Grace Jones Mondo... mad as a lorry, but what a voice!!

Where did you see the Warhol orig Mondo? Is there a Warhol exhib on somewhere at the mo?


Daniela said...

Wow....I didn't know that.
I think that haircut looks better on Joey,Johnny,Dee Dee and Tommy :)

Thanks for the info.

Mondo said...

There was a Warhol room as part of Pop Life at Tate Modern P - absolute knockout loads of oddities I've never seen before. The Jeff Koons room was an eye opener though.

I'm full of tips and nonsense like that Daniella

markus reeves said...

and im sure they all had a little tinkle on this too.....

Mondo said...

Blimey I forgot all about that - got to have had a go.

*the pic is the former Island Records studio piano - now in resident in Reazor Studios, Putney*