Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Diary - February

Why not set the scene with a peep at the Top 75 for week ending - 24/02/1979

So another month of disco fixtures and 'urcha' references - but no entries for records collected yet. Strange, as I remember Feb' kicking off a lengthy run of multi-coloured vinyl releases - with me bagging three pinkies (King Rocker, Cool For Cats and my first 12" - Contact) around this time. And mates grabbing Milk and Alcohol (brown or white) and Sound of the Suburbs (clear).

Another fad reaching it's peak-point this month - satin disco drainpipes. The swishy type of trouser favoured by Rod Stewart, Hot Gossip and seen here. A best friend's (birthday on the 18th) older brother ran a Petticoat Lane market stall, when we helped out one Sunday morning, these hi-shine strides were literally shifting by the lorry-load while Heart of Glass boomed from radios all around.

One final observation. Tellingly - and in purple felt tip, not the regulation biro - a note of Sid Vicous's death. An early warning alert that like Blondie-in-reverse I may soon be dropping disco biscuits in favour of other rowdier sounds..

Edwin Starr - Contact (12")

Blondie - Once I Had A Love (The Disco Song)

The top set of cuttings were given to me by other best friend (birthday 10th Feb'), the bottom set are mine. Both are in my Punk Scrapbook started after Sid's death.


Piley said...

Pancake Day? Big fan Mondo? Did you tuck in last week (we did!)..

What's ol T Blackburn up to in that top photo by the way? Looks iffy.

I also bought King Rocker (orange) and Cool for Cats (pink) at this time, was mad for the novelty record (not the recording, the physical output... although to be fair, in 1977, i'd imagine I was up for the novelty recording too).

Still an amazing collection of Discos in the space of a month.


davy h said...

And 'John Burroghs' died twice - truly he was a master of the surreal.

davy h said...

Oh no, sorry, that was William Burroughs. Oops. Coat please.

Ishouldbeworking said...

That was quite a month all round. I chucked my first boyfriend (we split up over musical differences; I couldn't go out with a Led Zep fan), The Dooleys (local stars) got a special mention from the parish priest at mass (their Mum played the organ there), and my friend went to see Top of the Pops being filmed, the week Olivia Newton John was on it, miming to 'A Little Love'.

And Tony Blackburn cleaned his teeth in front of a 'Men at Work' sign.

Mondo said...

Yeah bit of a Disco King P, although I never danced (too shy), Surprised I never saw you at any of these local shindig's ? Pancakes - got to be lemon and sugar for me.

Was William Burroughs the one that woke up as cockroach Davy, or was that Frank Capra of It's A Wonderful Bug's Life ?

'Chucked' - forgotten all about that phrase. He must have been older than you ISB - only 4th and 5th years were into Zep at our school. My first senior school girlfriend (we split in after two weeks, Easter 78) get's a mention in Jan (20th) - so must have been fairly amicable (I chucked her)

PS Don't you think Tony's hair's a bit sus? Sort of Mick McManus..And wasn't the TOTP studio meant to be tiny? Follow the link under the pic and you'll see ONJ's (another shiny strides wearer) chart position for this week in 79

rockmother said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Love it Mondo! Incredible.

Five-Centres said...

Satin drainpipes! I remember asking a friend to ask a girl at a school disco if I could touch her 'satins'. To my amazement she agreed, but then realised what she'd agreed to and backed off pretty sharpish.

Mondo said...

Thought this may be up your King's Road Romo..

'Touch her 'satins' - sounds the sort of situation that could end in a game of 'nervous' FC

Daniela said...

That's great!
I wanna decorate my room with the colorful Marilyns....
And some bananas too :D

I love your scrapbooks.Sid was the epitome of PUNK.

Thanks for the comments and have a nice week :)


Cocktails said...

I'm impressed by a number of things here:

- your careful noting of the date the new Smash Hits would be available (when surely it would be the same every second Thursday for the next decade?)

- your defacing of Tony Blackburn

- the fact that you kept this!!!

planet mondo said...

I may pull a few more pages from my dusty scrapbook Daniela - there's tons of vintage goodies in it.

Here you go Cocktails....

- If I hadn't made a note of Smash Hits dates, I'd probably have forgotten to pick up - and there weren't many copies stocked at my local newsy

- Wait until you see Poor ol' Ed'Mr March'Stewart. (BTW Most of these doodles were inspired by Leo Baxendale, Spike Milligan and Monty Python and Goodies books.)

- You wouldn't believe (actually, perhaps you would) the amount of tat that's been 'lofted'

John Medd said...

I used to love the coloured vinyl and the 12'' ers - infact Airport by The Motors (on blue 12'') combined the two. And, if you listen carefully, they nicked the hook to Macca's Junk.

Artog said...

I can't believe you've still got stuff like this - my mum was utterly ruthless. I think the only physical vestiges of my childhood are a copy of The Hobbit and a Gnasher badge. Oh, and about a thousand copies of 2000AD.

Mondo said...

Coloured twelves : the Edwin Starr lipstick pink for Contact is pretty tasty. And The Plasmatics blood splattered vinyl is worth watching out for.

I've been lucky like that she allowed me to keep tons of tut..Have you got the 2000 ADs from ish/prog 1? I did but swapped the first sixty for something silly

Artog said...

No, my first prog was 246. After visits to Forbidden Planet and a shop in Sheffield called Space Centre I had a complete run from about prog 100 through to whatever it was when I stopped reading it – some time towards the end of 1991. And then my brother carried on for a while. I had twenty odd progs from 1 – 100, the earliest being prog 7 I think. One of them included the episode of the Cursed Earth featuring the homicidal Ronald McDonald – that’s worth quite a bit now apparently as it’s never reprinted, no doubt due to trademark infringement, defamation etc. I sold it though to one of my brother’s friends, along with all my copies of Starlord.